Peer Health Education (PHE)




The goal of the Peer Health Education Program is to support the well-being of SJSU students. We aim to increase students' awareness and responsible decision-making regarding health and wellness. A primary objective is to recruit, train and organize students to conduct health outreach. We welcome the skills, creativity, questions, ideas and passion of all SJSU students.

What is the PEER HEALTH EDUCATION Program?

The Peer Health Education program is part of Wellness & Health Promotion within the Student Health Center. Peer Health Educators (PHEs) are students who teach their peers about health through presentations, discussions, panels, workshops, health fairs, and health awareness weeks. PHEs offer health education and outreach programs specific to the health specialties listed below. Those who become peer educators specialize their knowledge in one health education area:

Specialty topic areas include:
Alcohol, Marijuana, and Other Drugs (AMOD)
Nutrition (NUTR) [NuFS 9 or 8 Required]
Sexual Wellness (SW)
• Violence Prevention (VP)
• Body Image (BI)
Rest & Relaxation (R&R)

To begin the program, there is a one year commitment required. After one year, there is a semester by semester commitment.  


Potential opportunity to earn 1-2 units through Health Science (HS-180)
or Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging (NUFS-180).
• Develop skills in leadership, teamwork, and program coordination.
• Enhance communication skills, public speaking and networking.
• Increase knowledge of health & wellness issues through specialized training.
• Collaborate with various student organizations and campus departments.
• Develop concrete skills and accomplishments for a stronger resume.
• Opportunity for mentoring and personal/career development.
• Earn non-hospital volunteer hours for dietetic internship application.
• Meet new people and have fun!


Application for  Fall 2019 Peer Health Education is now closed. If you are interested in becoming a Peer Health Educator in Spring 2020, please complete and submit the PHE interest form

PHE Workshop Request

To request a workshop delivered by our peer health educatiors, please click here