About WiE

Image of a group of attentive students at the women in engineering conference.

Connect & Inspire

Women in Engineering @ SJSU aims to design and host high-impact programs that connect future women innovators from college campus with leading professionals in Silicon Valley. Students are inspired with a clear path forward through meaningful engagement and practical guidance.


Program Team

 Image of teammember Belle Wei.  Image of team member Blanca Sanchez-Cruz. Image of team member Kassandra Morales.

Belle Wei
Guidry Chair for Engineering Education & Innovative Learning
College of Engineering

Blanca Sanchez-Cruz
Assistant Director of Student Support Programs

College of Engineering

 Kassandra Morales
Student Assistant


SV WiE Conference Committee from SJSU


 Image of SJSU committee member Thailia Anagnos.  Image of SJSU team member Valerie Carr.  Image of SJSU committee member Katherine Cushin.

Thalia Anagnos
Graduate & Undergraduate Programs

Valerie Carr
Assistant Professor

Katherine Cushing
Environmental Studies

 Image of SJSU committee member Francesca Favaro.  Image of SJSU committee member Kathryn Gosselin.  Image of SJSU committee member Xuan Guan.

Francesca Favaro
Assistant Professor
Aviation & IT

Kathryn Gosselin
Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Xuan Guan
Assistant Professor
Computer Engineering

 Image of SJSU committee member Lili He.  Image of SJSU committee member Hyeran Jeon.  Image of  WiE icon because no image to display.

Lili He
Electrical Engineering

Hyeran Jeon
Assistant Professor
Computer Engineering

Melody Moh
Computer Science

 Image of SJSU committee member Nicole Okamoto.  Image of  WiE icon because no image to display.  Image of  WiE icon because no image to display.

Nicole Okamoto
Department Chair
Mechanical Engineering

Young Park
Assisant Professor
Computer Engineering

Minnie Patel
Industrial & Systems Engineering

Image of SJSU committee member Priya Raman. Image of  SJSU committee member Jinny Rhee. Image of SJSU committeemember Liat Rosenfeld.

Priya Raman
Assistant Professor
Communication Studies

Jinny Rhee
Associate Dean
College of Engineering

Liat Rosenfeld
Assistant Professor
Materials & Chemical Engineering

Image of SJSU committeemember Birsen Sirkeci. Image of SJSU committee member Xiao Su. Image of SJSU committee member Miri VanHoven.

Birsen Sirkeci
Associate Professor
Electrical Engineering

Xiao Su
Department Chair
Computer Engineering

Miri VanHoven
Associate Professor
Biological Sciences


Major Sponsor : Guidry Family Foundation

Photo of Guidry Family who are the sorority's biggest sponsor.

   Carolyn Guidry (1937‐2009) was born in              Mississippi and spent her childhood in the Deep    South. She earned her Bachelor of Science in      Electrical Engineering at Louisiana State              University in 1959. One week after graduation,    she married Mark Guidry, a fellow electrical
   engineering major she met at LSU. Carolyn
   began her career at Boeing, but soon put her
   career on hold and devoted 20 years to raising
   their three children. She returned to school and earned 
her Master's degree in Computer Engineering from SJSU in 1979. She joined Hewlett Packard and was directly responsible for the development of a new flexible interconnect cable and the micro code for a new computer.

In partnership with Mark, Carolyn founded two successful companies in semiconductor design software and semiconductor product development. Both companies were later acquired and became leaders in their respective fields. After the second company was acquired by Integrated Circuit Systems in 1993, she founded the Mark and Carolyn Guidry Foundation and managed all aspects of the organization. She received an Award of Distinction from SJSU Davidson College of Engineering in 2006. Both she and Mark were inducted into the LSU College of Engineering Hall of Distinction in 2001. 

Mark is a Louisiana native. After receiving his BSEE from LSU, he took a position at Boeing. He subsequently earned an MSEE from University of Washington and a PhD from Iowa State University. He taught at LSU, where he conducted research in semiconductor technology, laser technology and radio wave propagation. Prior to founding their companies, Mark worked at Fairchild Semiconductor in Palo Alto, a small San Diego company and Texas Instruments in Houston.

All three of Carolyn and Mark’s children graduated with degrees in engineering. The Guidry family strongly believes in the power of education and the importance of developing engineering education in the U.S. for what lies ahead. The Mark and Carolyn Guidry Foundation has been a long-time leader in supporting women in engineering at SJSU. Its commitment and on-going support have made the Silicon Valley Women in Engineering program a model of success for educating new woman innovators regionally and nationally.