Professional Development

professional dev bannerTo succeed in today’s workplace, engineering students need to master both technical (hard) skills and non-technical (soft) skills. The Professional Development program teaches students non-technical knowledge and skills such as interpersonal and communication skills, self-understanding, leadership stance, as well as an understanding of business and societal trends.




Are you listening to me?!  Communicating Assertively
By: Jimma Cortez-Smith & Dr. Amanda Walters SJSU
2017 Silicon Valley WiE Conference

This workshop helps female engineers gain skills to communicate effectively in a male dominated field. 
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“Be more confident and  don't use qualifiers when  speaking.”
     — A student participant

What Makes You Tick?
By: Joanna Guerrero, VMware
2017 Silicon Valley WiE Conference

Do you know what it takes to be a great leader?
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Emotional Intelligence
By: Tina Simms, Tina Simms Consulting
2017 Silicon Valley WiE Conference

Often, college students enter the workforce
uncertain how to effectively manage themselves...
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