Translation and Verification

We are temporarily unable to do translations or verifications.


For more information about translating academic documents for University purposes, please contact the international coordinator or advisor in admissions or International Programs and Services. According to the office of Admissions and Outreach:

Secondary and Post-Secondary English Translations can be done by: 
Student School
Government Official
Any Foreign Language Department
Certified U.S. English Translation  


Students with Arabic and Persian/Farsi language documents can send them to:
SAEI, Persian Translation
940 Saratoga Avenue, Suite 112
San Jose, CA 95129, (408) 554-1318 

All documents must be original documents.

Notaries, U.S. Notaries, and reports by evaluation services are not acceptable English translations.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Ashley Onadele
Department Of World Languages and Literatures
Clark Hall 421