CommencementA minor in a world language provides enrichment to majors in other disciplines and enhances the chances of success in their chosen career. By minoring in a world language you become eligible to receive a generous Meta Marion Goldsmith Scholarship.

For more information on the World Language Minor for International Business Majors, click here.

Goals and Objectives

The Department of World Languages & Literatures has adopted the following competency goals for all its minors:

  • Functional ability in the target language in the areas of speaking. listening, reading, and writing.
  • Familiarity with customs of the target culture and ability to use the language in culturally appropriate ways.
  • Basic knowledge of the geography, history and culture of the countries where the language is spoken.

Advising Procedures

We encourage students to declare their minor and see an advisor as soon as they develop an interest in the minor in order to apply for scholarships and allow us to monitor your progress in your desired language program. For more information and advising, please contact a program advisor.

Minor Requirement and Supplementary Teaching Credentials

The minors provide for partial fulfillment of the requirement by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for supplementary teaching credentials in world languages. The CCTC requires 20 semester units or 10 upper division units, and all our minors require at least 11 upper division units. Supplementary credentials, however, require verification of oral proficiency comparable to that of a person with a major in the language. Students who have completed only a minor do not always achieve this level of proficiency.

Minor Classes

35 units required

  • CHIN 1A & CHIN 1B Elementary Chinese (4 units each)
  • CHIN 25A & CHIN 25B Intermediate Chinese (5 units each)
  • CHIN 101A & CHIN 101B Advanced Chinese (4 units each)
  • CHIN 102 Chinese Culture (3 units)
  • CHIN 140 Chinese Culture & Politics Through Literature (3 units)
  • CHIN 144 Chinese Traditions (3 units)

31 units required

  • FREN 1A & FREN 1B Elementary French (5 units each)
  • FREN 25A Intermediate French Reading (3 units)
  • FREN 25B Intermediate French Writing (3 units)
  • FREN 25C Intermediate French Oral (3 units)
  • FREN101A Advanced Reading and Writing (3 units)
  • FREN 101B Advanced Writing Communication (3 units)
  • FREN 101C Advanced Oral Communication (3 units)
  • FREN 102B French Culture (3 units)

31 units required

  • GERM 1A & 1B Elementary German (5 units each)
  • GERM 25A & 25B Intermediate German (5 units each)
  • GERM 101A & 101B Advanced German (4 units each)
  • GERM 102A OR 102B German Culture (3 units)

30 units required

  • ITAL 1A & 1B Elementary Italian (5 units each)
  • ITAL 2 Basic Reading and Writing (3 units)
  • ITAL 101A & ITAL 101B Advanced Italian (4 units each)
  • ITAL 102 Italian Culture (3 units)
  • + 6 units of electives (see advisor for more information)

31 units required

  • JPN 1A & JPN 1B Elementary Japanese (5 units each)
  • JPN25A & JPN 25B Intermediate Japanese (5 units each)
  • JPN101A & JPN101B Advanced Japanese (4 units each)
  • JPN 102 Japanese Culture (3 units)

Latin American Studies
19 units required

  • SPAN 102B (3 units)
  • HIST - any advisor approved Latin American history course (4 units)
  • FREN 102B OR PORT 102B (3 units each)
  • 3 more courses from the list of LAS electives list
    (see minor form)

28 units required

  • PORT 1A & PORT 1B Elementary Portuguese (5 units each)
  • PORT 20A & PORT 20B (3 units each)
  • PORT 101A & PORT 101B (3 units each)
  • PORT 102A Portuguese Culture (3 units) OR 
  • PORT 102B Brazilian Culture (3 units each)
  • Individualized 1X, 1Y, 20X, 20Y 
  • Specialized Studies 180

25-29 units required

  • SPAN1A & 1B Elementary Spanish (4 units each)
  • SPAN 25A & SPAN 25B Intermediate Spanish (5 units each) OR
  • SPAN 20A & SPAN 20B (Native speakers) (3 units each)
  • SPAN 101A & 101B Advanced Spanish (4 units each)
  • SPAN 102A Culture of Spain (3 units) OR 
  • SPAN 102B Culture of Latin America (3 units)