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To continue course work in a language already studied beyond the second year in high school, students should consult a department advisor or take the placement test. Students who have studied the language at the college level (at San José State University or elsewhere) need not take the placement test but may enroll in the course for which they qualify on the basis of units accumulated. Students whose secondary education was in a language other than English, may not receive credit, either by enrollment or examination, for beginning language and conversation courses in that language, though they will be qualified to enter the major or minor program at an advanced level.

Whatever reduction in major and minor requirements is allowed on the basis of previous training, a minimum of 24 units of college work is required for the major, and 12 units for the minor. Of these minimums, a student must complete at SJSU at least 12 units in the language for the major, and three units in the language for the minor. Reductions in major or minor requirements do not affect the 120 units required for the Bachelor of Arts.

Language majors are required to have a minor. A minor in a second language is recommended, which will simultaneously satisfy the requirement of one year of a second foreign language. Students with a major in one language and a minor in another are expected to have studied at least one of the languages before entering college. If they have not, they may find it difficult to complete both the major and the minor within four years.

Economics, Journalism, and Administration of Justice majors, among others, may satisfy the requirement for a minor by taking 18 units of foreign language. Check with your major department.

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