The Arabic Studies program offers Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced courses in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) in addition to a course in Arabic Culture and a course in Arabic Calligraphy. A minor in Arabic Studies is in the process.

Courses Offered

Arabic 1A (5 units)
Elementary Arabic
This course in Modern elementary Arabic is designed for students with no previous knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic. Starting with the alphabet, students will gradually learn basic oral and written communication in the target language. Note: This course is not for native speakers of Arabic.

Arabic 1B (5 units)
Elementary Arabic II
Continuation of Arabic 1A. Arabic 1B is designed for students with a very basic knowledge of modern elementary Arabic. The course is a combination of lecture, discussion, exercises and communicative activities.
Prerequisite: Arab 1A or equivalent.

Arabic 25A (5 units)
Intermediate Arabic I
This course is designed for students who have completed at least two semesters one year) of Arabic in an academic setting and have knowledge of basic grammatical features of Arabic.
Prerequisite: Arabic 1A, Arabic 1B or equivalent.

Arabic 25B (5 units)
Intermediate Arabic II
This course focuses on building additional vocabulary, using Arabic-English dictionary, reading and discussion of Arabic Texts about the Arabic-Speaking world.
Prerequisite: Arabic 25A or equivalent.

Arabic 101A
Arabic 101B
Arabic 102

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