French B.A.

Countries where French is spoken

Why study French?

Degree Requirements

Lower-Division Preparation Courses:

  • FREN 1A (5 units) Elementary French
  • FREN 1B (5 units) Elementary French
  • FREN 1X and 1Y Individualized (Equiv. 1A/1B)
  • FREN 25A G.E. (3 units) Reading Proficiency
  • FREN 25B G.E. (3 units) Writing Proficiency
  • FREN 25C (3 units) Oral Proficiency

Upper-Division Required Courses:

(9 units Grammar, 3-9 units Culture)

  • FREN 101A (3 units) Advanced French Reading & Writing*
  • FREN 101B (doc) (3 units) Advanced French Reading & Writing*
  • FREN 101C (3 units) Advanced French Oral Communication*
  • FREN 102A (3 units) French Culture: Prehistory to the Revolution.*
  • FREN 102B G.E. (3 units) Francophone Cultures through Literature and Cinema.
  • FREN 102C (3 units) French Culture: From the Revolution to present.*

*Courses required for single subject credential

Eighteen (18) Units (6 courses) to be Selected from the Following:

  • A. Minimum Two (2) Literature Courses (6 units) N.B.: Prerequisite: Completion of French 101A and B.
    FREN 120A (3 units) Literature of the Middle Ages & Renaissance
    FREN 120B (3 units) Literature of 17th and 18th centuries
    FREN 140A (doc) (3 units) Literature of 19th century
    FREN 140B (3 units) Literature of 20th century
  • B. Minimum Two (2) Linguistics Courses (6 units)
    FREN 105 (3 units) French Phonology*
    FREN 110 (3 units) French Morphology and Syntax*
    FREN 132 (3 units) Business French
    FREN 170 (3 units) Introduction to Translation
  • C. Electives:
    FREN l60 (3 units) Special Topics in French Studies
    FREN 102A,B,C (3 units) Other than Fren102 taken among required courses (see above)

*Courses recommended for teacher preparation

Other Requirements:

  • FL 100W Writing Workshop (3 units)
  • 1 year of a second foreign language (10 units)
  • Language majors are required to have a minor.
    A minor in a second language is recommended, which will simultaneously satisfy the requirement of one year of a second language.

French B.A. Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  1. Language & Communication. Written Expression. Demonstrate advanced (ACTFL) skills in writing French.
  2. Language & Communication. Reading Comprehension. Demonstrate advanced (ACTFL) skills in reading French.
  3. Language & Communication. Oral Expression. Demonstrate advanced (ACTFL) skills in speaking French.
  4. Language & Communication. Listening Comprehension. Demonstrate advanced (ACTFL) skills in understanding French.
  5. Literacy: Use appropriate terminology in linguistic, cultural, or literary analysis.
  6. Cultural Analysis and Comparison: Analyze and compare a wide variety of texts drawing upon their cultural knowledge of France and the Francophone world.
  7. Literary and Cultural Texts and Traditions: Demonstrate knowledge of major periods, genres, authors, movements of French and Francophone cultural history.
  8. Demonstrate advanced ability to connect with other disciplines and language communities. Demonstrate advanced translation skills.
  9. Technology: Demonstrate information processing competency, use of appropriate technologies and tools for research, analysis, communication, and presentation.

For More Information or Advising, Please Contact:

Desalvo, Jean-Luc
French Coordinator, French Professor, French Advisor
Clark Hall 435