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The Italian Program offers a variety of courses in language, literature, and culture. Elementary courses are offered as classroom courses or as Individual Studies where students may work at their own pace by arrangement with the instructor. A minor in Italian complements many majors and supplements careers in teaching, music, art, international business and trade, government service, social service, travel, etc. Italian also enhances student appreciation of art, music, literature and culture.

Program Offerings

  • Ital 1A Beginning/Elementary Italian (5 units)
  • Ital 1B Elementary Italian (5 units)
    (prerequisite: 1A or equivalent)
  • Ital 1X Individualized Beginning/Elementary Italian (1-5 units)  (By arrangement with instructor) 
  • Ital 1Y Individualized Elementary Italian (1-5 units) (By arrangement with instructor)
    (Prerequisite: 1A, 1X, or equivalent)
  • Ital 2 Basic reading and writing (3 units)
    (Prerequisite: 1A &1B or equivalent)

Upper Division Courses

By arrangement with the instructor

  • Ital 101A Advanced Italian (4 units)
  • Ital 101B Advanced Italian (4 units)
  • Ital 102 Italian Culture (3 units)
  • Ital 180 Individualized Studies (1-3 units)
    Individualized programs, by arrangement with the instructor.
    (Intended for completion of an Italian Minor)

Learning Objectives and Outcomes for Italian Minor

  1. Languages and communication, written expression, develop advanced (ACTFL) skills in writing Italian
  2. Languge and commnication, reading comprehension, develop advanced (ACTFL) skills in readind Italian
  3. Language and communication, oral expression. Develop advanced (ACTFL) skills in speaking Italian.
  4. Language and communication, listening comprehension. Develop advanced (ACTFL) skills in understanding Italian.
  5. Develop the ability to write compositions in Italian and translate from English into Italian and Italian into English

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