About Us

Writing Specialists  Regardless of your major, class              standing, or career goals, writing is a      necessary skill. Learning to                    communicate your ideas clearly will        increase your chances of success at        SJSU and beyond. We can help you        develop your ideas, cite your sources      properly, write clearly on the sentence    level, and organize your thoughts and communicate them articulately. We understand the special needs of multilingual learners and returning students, and we're experts in all phases of the writing process.

Our individual tutoring sessions will provide you with a personalized approach to writing that considers your goals, needs, and existing abilities. We also offer workshops that cover a variety of topics, and our tutors create original writing resources every semester including videos, blog posts, and Homegrown Handouts, all of which you can use for further study. 

For more information about the SJSU Writing Center, refer to our 2017-2018 Annual Report. If you'd like to request a copy of a previous annual report, please contact us. Click on the links below for more information about our staff and faculty. 

Writing Tutors

Our student writing tutors are from a variety of disciplines and grade levels (from sophomores to graduate students). All writing tutors are well trained to assist students during any phase of the writing process. Tutors can work set hours in the Writing Center and/or work as course-embedded tutors in select writing-intensive courses.

Student Assistants

We employ both undergraduate and graduate-level student assistants to work our Writing Center front desk and to assist both the director and the administrative coordinator with general office duties. 

Faculty and Staff

The Writing Center Director, Michelle Hager, and the Coordinator of Digital Initiatives, Maria Judnick, are faculty members in the Department of English and Comparative Literature. The Writing Center also employs a full-time Coordinator of Multilingual Writing Support Services, Amy Russo, and an Administrative Coordinator, Richard Struck.