Our Mission

Writing Specialists

The Writing Center at San José State University is committed to furthering the educational mission of the university. Our goal is to help SJSU students become better writers and to assist faculty by eliciting the best writing from their students. The Writing Center pledges to work with students to prepare them for both academic and professional writing. We help students learn to communicate ideas clearly and succinctly to increase their chances of success at SJSU and beyond.

Our Mission

The mission of the Writing Center is to help SJSU students

  • become better writers.
  • think actively, compose new writing, and discuss their papers and their writing process.
  • focus on how to assess and self-improve aspects of their writing.
  • address matters of style and resolve errors.
  • write with clarity and conciseness.
  • express themselves in both professional and academic modes of writing.

The mission of Writing Specialists in the Writing Center is to

  • treat students, their questions, and assignments with respect.
  • create a positive atmosphere where all students can learn and improve.
  • recognize that every student is unique and that every assignment is different.
  • make their best attempt to work with students to improve their writing.
  • help students increase their chances of success at SJSU and beyond.

Learning Outcomes

Students who use the Writing Center will

  • improve their written communication skills in university classes and in the professional world.
  • understand that writing is a complex process.
  • engage in critical thinking.
  • critique drafts of their writing assignments.
  • understand grammatical concepts.
  • develop ideas to support a focused thesis statement.
  • cite sources appropriately (both in-text and in end citations).
  • understand rhetorical strategies.
  • become more comfortable with writing.
  • gain confidence in their writing abilities.
  • create outlines to organize complex ideas.
  • learn to manage their time effectively.
  • develop and maintain a writing style that is appropriate to academic audiences.
  • write clearly and concisely.
  • develop productive relationships with writing experts.