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"Thank you very much for working with Yu. His past work with the Writing Center has really paid off in terms of the quality of his work (and his grade). My deepest thanks."

--Rick Kos, Lecturer, Urban and Regional Planning Department

The Writing Center is dedicated to assisting all faculty in their efforts to elicit the best writing from their students. If we are to achieve our goal of being able to assist all students in all disciplines, we must work closely with the instructors who know those students best. If you would like to use our services, or if you have any suggestions for resources beyond those available on our website, please contact us. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

We greatly appreciate the support of professors across campus in promoting the Writing Center to their students. However, we have limited resources and, unfortunately, we cannot support required use of our services. For more information, please read our statement about required services.

Refer to the list below for an overview of the resources that we offer San José State University faculty. 

Syllabus Statement

To inform your students about the Writing Center and the services that we offer, please use the following statement on your course syllabi:

"The SJSU Writing Center is located in Clark Hall, Suite 126. All Writing Specialists have gone through a rigorous hiring process, and they are well trained to assist all students at all levels within all disciplines to become better writers. In addition to one-on-one tutoring services, the Writing Center also offers workshops every semester on a variety of writing topics. To make an appointment or to refer to the numerous online resources offered through the Writing Center, visit the Writing Center website: www.sjsu.edu/writingcenter. For additional resources and updated information, follow the Writing Center on Twitter and become a fan of the SJSU Writing Center on Facebook."

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House Calls and Workshops

Our faculty or Writing Specialists can visit your classroom and

  • provide a 10-15 minute overview of the services provided by the Writing Center. 
  • conduct a one-hour workshop (see workshop topics).
  • assist in peer-editing groups.
  • work directly with your class on a writing assignment.

Note: Our in-class workshops are not a substitute teaching service! You must be present during the entire workshop session.

To request a house call or workshop for your class, please complete our request form. If you would like workshops or house calls for multiple classes, please fill out one form per class. We will try to accommodate your date and time requests; however, we can usually only schedule workshops during our normal hours of operation. 

Homegrown Handouts

We provide dozens of free handouts for download with information on topics such as style, grammar, punctuation, essay exam strategies, forms of writing in specific fields, commonly used citation styles (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago), and specific writing projects (e.g., theses, resumes, cover letters). 

You can tell your students about these online resources, or you can use the handouts directly in your classroom. 

Faculty Workshops

In addition to the above resources, we can help you by offering workshops designed specifically for faculty who are interested in new ideas for crafting curriculum, clarifying expectations, identifying problem areas, and understanding student anxiety about writing. Please contact us if you and/or others in your department are interested in a workshop for faculty.