Online Resources

Research and Documentation Styles 

The SJSU Library offers online tutorials in important topics related to research, plagiarism, and source citations.

Different disciplines use different formatting styles. Familiarize yourself with the citation style guide that is used in your field of study.  


Online Writing Resources 

The Everyday Writer, by Andrea Lunsford, was recently selected as the university writing handbook for San José State. We have used this handbook in the Writing Center for a number of years. Before or after your tutoring session, you can access a variety of online resources to accompany the handbook. 

Most of the following links are provided by the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University. The OWL is an excellent resource for writers and has many more pages of information than are linked here. We encourage you to visit the Online Writing Lab website and explore all the topics and exercises they offer.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

General Writing Concerns

Grammar and Punctuation

Professional Writing

Research and Documenting Sources

Many of the following resources are made available by permission of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Writing Center. We use these handouts in the SJSU Writing Center as references during tutoring sessions. The UNC Chapel Hill Writing Center website also has a wide variety of resources for your reference. Be sure to visit their website to see all the handouts and other references they have available.

Writing the Paper

Grammar, Mechanics, and Style

Specific Writing Assignments