Online Resources

In addition to the original writing resources that we create at the Writing Center and post on our Homegrown Handouts page, there are many other excellent resources that are available on the web. Refer to the links below. 

Grammar and Punctuation

The Writing Process

Concision, Clarity, and Effectiveness

General Writing Resources 


Library Resources

The SJSU Library offers online resources and tutorials in important topics related to research, plagiarism, and source citations.

Documentation Styles

Different disciplines use different formatting styles. Familiarize yourself with the citation style guide that is used in your field of study.  

Specific Writing Tasks and Assignments

Professional Writing

English as a Second Language (ESL)

WST Information

All undergraduate students at SJSU must take and pass the WST (Writing Skills Test). For more information, refer to the following resources provided by the SJSU Testing Office. Please note that the Writing Center is not directly affiliated with the WST.