Fabretto/Puerta San Jose Partnership

Fabretto Team

In March 2008, staff at the non-profit Fabretto Children's Foundation asked the SJSU Writing Center for assistance in developing an English-as-a-Foreign-Language (EFL) curriculum at its educational centers in Nicaragua. The Writing Center agreed, and a team of six faculty members and graduate students began work this project. On April 21, 2008, Congressman Mike Honda announced the launch of the new initiative to support Fabretto's schools and teachers in Nicaragua. This initiative has become the Fabretto/Puerta San Jose Partnership. The Fabretto Children's Foundation and Puerta San Jose are committed to improving education for disadvantaged children in Nicaragua.

Through the partnership, Puerta San Jose is committed to facilitating the development and sustainability of Fabretto's English language teaching program. The goals are to

  • assist Fabretto leaders in establishing an EFL curriculum that specifically addresses the needs of Fabretto students, both primary and secondary;
  • create a model for ongoing professional learning for Fabretto's EFL teachers so that they can effectively enhance student learning of English;
  • create an exchange program for Fabretto teachers to attend professional development courses at San José State University, and for students from SJSU to do volunteer teaching and other service learning projects at Fabretto centers;
  • establish a professional network within Nicaragua to exchange resources and offer support to help Nicaragua's poorest children. The network will include the Fabretto Centers, US Embassy, Peace Corps, NICA-TESOL, and universities;
  • secure funding that will allow the partnership to reach and expand the above goals.

The Fabretto/Puerta San Jose team includes Mayra S. Cerda, Fabio Coelho, Janet Hagemann, Dr. Rosemary Henze, Katie Masters, and Dr. Linda C. Mitchell. 

Fabretto/Puerta San Jose Partnership Fact Sheet
Fabretto/Puerta San Jose Partnership 2009 Report
Fabretto/Puerta San Jose Partnership 2013 Report

If you have any questions or if you would like to contribute to the partnership, please contact Rosemary Henze at rosemary.henze@sjsu.edu. 

Sponsored Children

Sponsored Children

Ernie Reyes West Coast World Martial Arts and Puerta San Jose have teamed up to sponsor Carlos and Lisbeth, two children in the Fabretto schools. Sponsorship means that Carlos and Lisbeth will get a good education and nutritious meals. The students are pictured in the above photo (from October 2012) with Puerta San Jose team members Jan Hagemann and Rosemary Henze. 

Carlos and Lisbeth look forward to our letters of support and encouragement. In return, we enjoy hearing about our children's school performance and any special activities they are participating in. A special bond has developed among the members of our team and the two children.