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Trip to Nicaragua

In October 2012, members of the Puerta San Jose Team traveled to Nicaragua for one week. Fabio Coelho, Jan Hagemann, and Professor Rosemary Henze visited Nicaragua and worked directly with Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial (SAT) high school teachers on their English Program. 

They conducted an intense three-day workshop with a group of SAT and oratorio English teachers. The focus of this workshop was to introduce the teachers to inquiry-based learning and to practice an approach to teaching English that will strengthen the teachers’ confidence and the students’ motivation to learn. 

You can read more about their visit in their article for the Fabretto Newsletter

Fabretto Team Members in NicaraguaSponsored Child, Janigda 

LLD 298: Collaborative EFL Program Development

In fall 2011, Fabio Coelho, Katie Masters, and Professor Rosemary Henze led an independent study group for the graduate-level LLD 298 course. Six students took the independent study course while two other students volunteered to participate in the project. The students developed eight supplements to the existing Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial (SAT) English curriculum that is being used in Fabretto high schools. Fabretto teachers and staff members are now field testing these supplements.

The following list outlines the goals of this project: (1) to create/enhance capacity of rural Nicaraguan students and teachers to have access to culturally responsive, relevant, non-colonizing English learning opportunities; (2) to prepare materials for teachers and students that can be used either as supplementary activities for the Sistema de AprendizajeTutorial (SAT) books, or as self-access, stand alone EFL materials; and (3) to provide a practical learning opportunity as an elective for MA TESOL students to apply their knowledge and skills in course design, curriculum development, intercultural communication, and teacher development.

The LLD 298 group is pictured below with Rosendo, a visitor from Nicaragua.

Independent Study Group, Puerta San Jose

Cinequest Event

In March 2011, the Puerta San José Team from the Writing Center coordinated activities publicizing the film Dreaming Nicaragua which was featured at the San José Cinequest film festival. This film focuses on the work of Fabretto Children’s Foundation, an organization with whom the Puerta San José team collaborated on development of an English as a Second Language curriculum. Dreaming Nicaragua is a powerful and moving testament to the resilience of young children as they face the consequences of dire poverty. The film exposes not only the extreme poverty experienced by many children, but also the hopes and dreams art can inspire in them. The Puerta San José team organized a panel discussion of Fabretto’s accomplishments and challenges in Nicaragua following the March 5 screening of the film.  The panel included Fabretto President Kevin Marinacci and U.S. Congressman Mike Honda. The leadership of Fabretto Children’s Foundation was delighted with the turnout at all the Dreaming Nicaragua screenings in San José which garnered the largest attendance of all their U.S. screenings of the film to date.

The Spartan Daily published an article about this event, "Panel, Short Film Addresses Nicaragua's Poverty Issues."  

For more information on Dreaming Nicaragua and Fabretto Children’s Foundation, please visit the Fabretto website.