Sponsored Children

Sponsored Children

Lisbeth and Carlos

Ernie Reyes West Coast World Martial Arts and Puerta San Jose have teamed up to sponsor two children in the Fabretto schools. Sponsorship means that Carlos and Lisbeth will get a good education and nutritious meals. Carlos and Lisbeth are pictured in the above photo (from October 2012) with Puerta San Jose team members Jan Hagemann and Rosemary Henze. 

Carlos and Lisbeth look forward to our letters of support and encouragement. In return, we enjoy hearing about how our children are doing in school and special activities. A special bond has developed among the members of our team and the two children.

Please note that in Spanish, Fabretto children call their sponsors "padrino" or "madrina," meaning godfather or godmother. They refer to themselves as "ahijado" or "ahijada," which (as you might guess) mean godson or goddaughter. These terms reflect the sentiments children feel about being sponsored.

Letter from Carlos

Letter from Carlos #2, April 2012

Letter from Lisbeth, May 2012