Writing Center Staff


Tim Alexander 

Tim Alexander, Writing Specialist

  • MA student in Spanish with a concentration in Linguistics 
  • Goals: Earn a Ph.D, learn French, act in a play, visit Japan, and publish a short story.
  • Special Interests: Traveling, learning languages, playing tennis, writing poetry, and listening to Neo soul 

Ariel Andrew 

Ariel Andrew, Writing Specialist

  • MFA student in Creative Writing with a concentration in Fiction 
  • Goals: Publish a novel, climb Half Dome, teach in a university, learn to surf, and have a giant dog
  • Special Interests: Traveling, being outside, trying new foods, and reading novels and short stories

Jack Brady

Jack Brady, Writing Specialist

  • BA student in Animation/Illustration
  • Goals: Learn Spanish, see Kendrick Lamar in concert, learn how to play piano proficiently, and earn a minor in Creative Writing
  • Special Interests: Sketching life, playing at the arcade, watching Steven Universe, and reliving childhood on the beach

Luke Coulter 

Luke Coulter, Writing Specialist

  • BA student in English Education
  • Goals: Be kind, be wise, become a competent and inspiring English teacher, and get a few more goals 
  • Special Interests: Reading, writing, playing video games, and obsessing over grammar


Jenn Hambly

Jenn Hambly, Writing Specialist

  • MA student in Linguistics and TESOL
  • Goals: Earn a PhD, write a book, teach at a university, bake the perfect croissant, and travel the world
  • Special interests: Cooking and baking, reading literature, going to concerts, being a mom, and trying new foods


Sheldon Hentschke 

Sheldon Hentschke, Writing Specialist

  • BA student in English
  • Goals: Travel as much as possible, get lost exploring a forest, publish a novel eventually, and learn some metalworking skills
  • Special Interests: Laughing at corny jokes, playing with all kinds of animals (especially lizards), riding and working on old motorcycles, and telling stories around campfires

Akhil Kumar 

Akhil Kumar, Assistant Writing Specialist (on leave fall 2016)

  • BS student in Accounting
  • Goals: Start a business/firm, backpack in Europe, play the piano at an advanced level, and coach high school basketball during retirement
  • Special Interests: Hiking, cooking, traveling, playing basketball, and playing the piano

Nicky Lai

Nicky Lai, Writing Specialist

  • BS student in Kinesiology
  • Goals: Study abroad, adopt a rescue dog, and become an occupational therapist
  • Special Interests: Cooking, traveling, collecting scarves, watching old cinema, and making homemade crafts

Sammy Lai 

Sammy Lai, Writing Specialist

  • BA student in Communicative Disorders and Sciences
  • Goals: Learn how to paint, design a clothing line, make someone laugh every day, and become a speech therapist
  • Special Interests: Cooking, growing sunflowers, making homemade cards, and collecting mini animal figurines

Jasmine Mally 

Jasmine Mally, Writing Specialist

  • MA student in TESOL
  • Goals: Create teaching materials, give weekly free English lessons to underprivileged immigrants, publish an article in a journal, and learn to communicate in Mandarin 
  • Special Interests: Health, violin, salsa dance, cross-cultural communication, and Spanish/Latino language and culture

Ines Marjanovic 

Ines Marjanovic, Writing Specialist

  • BA student in English
  • Goals: Visit Greece, become trilingual, adopt a pack of dogs, and earn a Master's Degree and potentially a Ph.D
  • Special Interests: Makeup artistry, hiking, visiting museums, reading poetry, and dabbling in graphic design 

Saya Morita 

Saya Morita, Writing Specialist

  • MA student in TESOL
  • Goals: Teach ESL at the high school or college level, get a paper published in a scholarly journal, learn Mandarin, and travel around the world
  • Special Interests: Traveling, hiking, floristry, going to art museums, and listening to Bossa Nova 

Daniel Tafoya

Daniel Tafoya, Writing Specialist

  • BA student in English with a Concentration in Professional and Technical Writing

  • Goals: Write and sell a screenplay, publish a book, move to Washington (preferably Seattle), own a food truck specializing in GF treats, and have a pet pig

  • Special Interests: Watching and critiquing films from all genres, drinking coffee, hiking and camping, and eating GF baked goods

Pat Walls

Pat Walls, Office Coordinator

  • BA in Theatre Arts and History from Concordia University, Irvine
  • Goals: Finish a long-overdue Master's thesis in the History of Food and Culture, publish said thesis, and become a Master Brewer and a Master Cicerone
  • Special Interests: Cooking, reading, sampling fermented and distilled beverages, and being outdoors