Writing Center Staff


Tim Alexander 

Tim Alexander, Writing Specialist

  • MA student in Spanish with a concentration in Linguistics 
  • Goals: Earn a Ph.D, learn French, act in a play, visit Japan, and publish a short story.
  • Special interests: Traveling, learning languages, playing tennis, writing poetry, and litening to Neo soul 

Ariel Andrew 

Ariel Andrew, Writing Specialist

  • MFA student in Creative Writing with a concentration in Fiction 
  • Goals: Publish a novel, climb Half Dome, teach in a university, learn to surf, and have a giant dog
  • Special interests: Traveling, being outside, trying new foods, and reading novels and short stories

Brooke Blankenship 

Brooke Blankenship, Writing Specialist 

  • BA student in English
  • Goals: Earn a Master’s Degree, become multilingual, and teach at the high school or college level
  • Special Interests: Forcing affection on animals, reading scary stories, clambering on rocks, and dancing the Argentine tango   

Jack Brady

Jack Brady, Writing Specialist

  • BA student in Animation/Illustration
  • Goals: Learn Spanish, see Kendrick Lamar in concert, learn how to play piano proficiently, and earn a minor in Creative Writing
  • Interests: Sketching life, playing at the arcade, watching Steven Universe, and reliving childhood on the beach

Sheldon Hentschke 

Sheldon Hentschke, Writing Specialist (Studying Abroad, Fall 2016)

  • BA student in English
  • Goals: Travel as much as possible, get lost exploring a forest, publish a novel eventually, and learn some metalworking skills
  • Special Interests: Laughing at corny jokes, playing with all kinds of animals (especially lizards), riding and working on old motorcycles, and telling stories around campfires

Akhil Kumar 

Akhil Kumar, Assistant Writing Specialist

  • BS student in Accounting
  • Goals: Start a business/firm, backpack in Europe, play the piano at an advanced level, and coach high school basketball during retirement
  • Special Interests: Hiking, cooking, traveling, playing basketball, and playing the piano

Nicky Lai

Nicky Lai, Writing Specialist

  • BS student in Kinesiology
  • Goals: Study abroad, adopt a rescue dog, and become an occupational therapist
  • Special Interests: Cooking, traveling, collecting scarves, watching old cinema, and making homemade crafts

Sammy Lai 

Sammy Lai, Writing Specialist

  • BA student in Communicative Disorders and Sciences
  • Goals: Learn how to paint, design a clothing line, make someone laugh every day, and become a speech therapist
  • Special Interests: Cooking, growing sunflowers, making homemade cards, and collecting mini animal figurines

Jasmine Mally 

Jasmine Mally, Writing Specialist

  • MA student in TESOL
  • Goals: Create teaching materials, give weekly free English lessons to underprivileged immigrants, publish an article in a journal, and learn to communicate in Mandarin 
  • Special interests: Health, violin, salsa dance, cross-cultural communication, and Spanish/Latino language and culture

Ines Marjanovic 

Ines Marjanovic, Writing Specialist

  • BA student in English
  • Goals: Visit Greece, become trilingual, adopt a pack of dogs, and earn a Master's Degree and potentially a Ph.D
  • Special Interests: Makeup artistry, hiking, visiting museums, reading poetry, and dabbling in graphic design 

Vanessa Mendoza Palencia 

Vanessa Mendoza Palencia, Writing Specialist

  • BA student in English with a concentration in Professional and Technical Writing
  • Goals: Travel to Europe; create a start-up magazine; write and publish novels, poetry, and lyrics
  • Special Interests: Hiking, baking, health and fitness, listening to music, writing lyrics, watching cheesy chick-flicks, and reading fantasy and mystery books



Picture coming soon!

Holly Michaelsen, Writing Specialist

  • BS student in Nutrition and Food Science with a concentration in Dietetics
  • Goals: Become a Registered Dietitian, teach yoga, travel the world, and grow a garden
  • Special Interests: Practicing yoga and meditation, hiking, face-painting, cooking, listening to Brazilian music, and watching foreign films


Saya Morita 

Saya Morita, Writing Specialist

  • MA student in TESOL
  • Goals: Teach ESL at the high school or college level, get a paper published in a scholarly journal, learn Mandarin, and travel around the world
  • Special Interests: Traveling, hiking, floristry, going to art museums, and listening to Bossa Nova 

Pat Walls

Pat Walls, Office Coordinator

  • BA in Theatre Arts and History from Concordia University, Irvine
  • Goals: Finish a long-overdue Master's thesis in the History of Food and Culture, publish said thesis, and become a Master Brewer and a Master Cicerone
  • Special Interests: Cooking, reading, sampling fermented and distilled beverages, and being outdoors