Writing Center Staff


Ben Aldridge 

Ben Aldridge, Writing Specialist

  • BA student in English
  • Goals: Earn a Master's Degree, create a grammar website, and teach at a community college or university
  • Special Interests: Reading at coffee shops, playing the guitar and jimbe,  and playing all kinds of sports
Jacqueline Goodwin

Jacqueline Goodwin, Writing Specialist

  • BA in Creative Arts with a Preparation for Teaching emphasis
  • Goals: Become a middle-school teacher, become a licensed Zumba instructor, and participate in a marathon 
  • Special Interests: Hiking, participating in Zumba, going to the movies, and reading the Bible and other texts for personal growth


Nicky Lai

Nicky Lai, Assistant Writing Specialist

  • BS student in Kinesiology
  • Goals: Study abroad, adopt a rescue dog, and become an occupational therapist
  • Special Interests: Cooking, traveling, collecting scarves, watching old cinema, and making homemade crafts
Sammy Lai 

Sammy Lai, Assistant Writing Specialist

  • BA student in Communicative Disorders and Sciences
  • Goals: Learn how to paint, design a clothing line, make someone laugh every day, and become a speech therapist
  • Special Interests: Cooking, growing sunflowers, making homemade cards, and collecting mini animal figurines


John Linford 

John Linford, Writing Specialist

  • MA student in Economics with a concentration in Applied Economics
  • President of the San José State University Economics Club
  • Student representative on the AANAPISI Writing Excellence Board
  • Goals: Complete an Iron Man Triathlon, continue to learn new things, and earn a Ph.D before going into investment banking
  • Special Interests: Running, endurance cycling, playing guitar, participating in martial arts, and watching/playing football and baseball (Go Oakland!)
Danny Spiteri

Danny Spiteri, Writing Specialist

  • BA student in English, Preparation for Teaching
  • Goals: Compose film scores and write and direct films at a professional level
  • Special Interests: Producing music, composing film scores, writing and directing films, listening to independent music, and watching independent films
Emmanuel Solorzano 

Emmanuel Solorzano, Writing Specialist

  • BA student in English, Preparation for Teaching
  • Goals: Study literature, study Bible and Theology, teach and learn from people         
  • Special Interests: Playing piano, listening to jazz, and hiking once a year for exercise


Andrew Tucker

Andrew Tucker, Writing Specialist

  • MFA student in Creative Writing
  • Teaching Associate in the English Department
  • Goals: Obtain an MFA in Creative Writing, write a debut novel, and become a produced screenwriter
  • Special Interests: Sampling barrel-aged beers, playing death metal, and rooting for the San Jose Sharks
Hannah Wiltbank

Hannah Wiltbank, Writing Specialist

  • BA student in English with a concentration in Career Writing, minor in Computer Science
  • Student representative on the AANAPISI Writing Excellence Board
  • Goals: Learn Spanish, write a useful computer program, finish that ambitious grammar website, and find a full-time position as a technical writer
  • Special Interests: Reading, baking, writing short fiction, and playing computer games sub-optimally


Administrative Assistants

Cynthia Harper

Cynthia Harper, AANAPISI Grant Assistant

  • BA in English from San José State University
  • Goals: Obtain a Master’s degree and Ph.D in English, teach at the university level, publish a collection of short stories and personal essays, and finally attend Comic Con
  • Special Interests: Reading, blogging, gaming, watching silly sci-fi shows, and participating in writing communities
Pat Walls

Pat Walls, Writing Center Administrative Support Coordinator

  • BA in Theatre Arts and History from Concordia University, Irvine
  • Goals: Finish a long-overdue Master's thesis in the History of Food and Culture, publish said thesis, and become a Master Brewer and a Master Cicerone
  • Special Interests: Cooking, reading, sampling fermented and distilled beverages, and being outdoors