Writing Tutors & Student Assistants


Aya Abdelhadi

Aya Abdelhadi, Student Assistant

  • BS student in Management Information Systems 
  • Goals: Eventually earn a Master's degree in Business, learn to speak Spanish fluently, and never stop learning
  • Special Interests: Reading, watching movies, and trying different restaurants and cafes


Ariel Andrew

Ariel Andrew, Writing Tutor

  • MFA student in Creative Writing with a concentration in Fiction 
  • Teaching Associate in the Department of English & Comparative Literature
  • Goals: Publish a novel, climb Half Dome, teach in a university, learn to surf, and have a giant dog
  • Special Interests: Traveling, being outside, trying new foods, and reading novels and short stories


Jack Brady

Jack Brady, Writing Tutor

  • BA student in Animation/Illustration
  • Goals: Learn Spanish, see Kendrick Lamar in concert, learn how to play piano proficiently, and earn a minor in Creative Writing
  • Special Interests: Sketching life, playing at the arcade, watching Steven Universe, and reliving childhood on the beach


Luke Coulter

Luke Coulter, Writing Tutor

  • BA student in English Education
  • Course-embedded tutor for Recreation & Leisure 100W with Professor Monique Duphily and Psychology 100W with Professor Naomi Wagner
  • Goals: Be kind, be wise, become a competent and inspiring English teacher, and get a few more goals
  • Special Interests: Reading, writing, playing video games, and obsessing over grammar


Evin de Leon Sanchez

Evin de Leon Sanchez, Writing Tutor

  • BM student in Music with a concentration in Composition and BA student in Japanese
  • Goals: Finish the first saga of my comic, release a solo album, create a band that stays together, and make a living doing what I love
  • Special Interests: Composing music, recording music, mixing music, staying up way too late, and playing Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo GameCube


Alejandra Galindo

Alejandra Galindo, Student Assistant

  • BS student in Management Information Systems
  • Goals: Earn a Master's degree in Business, travel all over the world, and buy a Tesla
  • Special Interests: Going to concerts, hanging out with friends, and going on hikes


Enya Gomez

Enya Gomez, Writing Tutor

  • BA student in Design Studies with a minor in French
  • Course-embedded tutor for Communication Studies 100W with Professor Ching Ching Tan
  • Goals: Pet a wolf, have at least four dogs, create a design studio, and go on road trips across the country
  • Special Interests: Reading, hiking, making puns, and trying new foods 


Jenn Hambly

Jenn Hambly, Writing Tutor

  • MA student in Linguistics and TESOL
  • Goals: Earn a PhD, write a book, teach at a university, bake the perfect croissant, and travel the world
  • Special Interests: Cooking and baking, reading literature, going to concerts, being a mom, and trying new foods 


My-Tam Hoang

My-Tam Hoang, Writing Tutor

  • BA student in Child and Adolescent Development Teacher Prep with a Minor in Elementary Education 
  • Course-embedded tutor for English 100WB with Professor Laimin Lo
  • Goals: Become an educator, make the writing process fun, improve my communication skills, and keep an open mind
  • Special Interests: Baking, painting, ballroom dancing, playing Pokemon, reading fantasy novels, and watching anime


Kerri Jensen

Kerri Jensen, Writing Tutor

  • BA student in English with a Concentration in Professional and Technical Writing and a minor in Humanities
  • Goals: Earn a Master’s degree, write a memoir, and visit every country in Europe
  • Special Interests: Reading, watching documentaries, spending time with my children, traveling with my husband, and learning anything new

Megumi Kamikawa

Megumi Kamikawa, Writing Tutor

  • BA student in English, Creative Writing with a minor in Sociology
  • Goals: Publish a book of poetry, record a studio EP, own anywhere between 2-5 pets, travel to all 7 continents, and live in the Northwest at some point
  • Special Interests: Journaling, songwriting, eating potatoes of any kind, doing nothing with friends, and making puns to annoy said friends


Nicky Lai

Nicky Lai, Writing Tutor

  • BS student in Kinesiology
  • Goals: Study abroad, adopt a rescue dog, and become an occupational therapist
  • Special Interests: Cooking, traveling, collecting scarves, watching old cinema, and making homemade crafts


Elaine Le

Elaine Le, Writing Tutor

  • BA student in Sociology with a concentration in Social Interaction and minor in Psychology
  • Course-embedded tutor for Sociology 100W with Dr. Tracy DeHaan and Sociology 100W with Professor Jason DeHaan
  • Goals: Adopt a dog, create frequently, love kindly, live a meaningful life, complete an undergraduate degree, and explore Canada's national parks
  • Special Interests: Hiking, lounging about, playing with dogs, eating spicy food, and daydreaming about social theory 

Chan Mangavalli

Chan Mangavalli, Writing Tutor

  • MS student in Electrical Engineering
  • Course-embedded tutor for Engineering 100W with Professor Stacey Knapp
  • Goals: Earn a PhD in Mathematics, learn German, climb Mt. Everest, write a screenplay for a movie, and go on a world tour before 35
  • Special Interests: Cooking, hiking, critiquing movies, walking my brother’s dogs, making origami models, and writing short stories

Ines Marjanovic

Ines Marjanovic, Writing Tutor

  • MA student in Communication Studies
  • Goals: Visit Greece, become trilingual, adopt a pack of dogs, and earn a Master's Degree and potentially a Ph.D
  • Special Interests: Makeup artistry, hiking, visiting museums, reading poetry, and dabbling in graphic design


Holly Michaelsen

Holly Michaelsen, Writing Tutor

  • BS student in Nutrition and Food Science with a concentration in Dietetics
  • Online tutor for graduate students in the iSchool
  • Goals: Become a Registered Dietitian, teach yoga, travel the world, and grow a garden
  • Special Interests: Hiking, cooking, face-painting, practicing yoga and meditation, listening to Brazilian music, and watching foreign films


Heather Poparad

Heather Poparad, Writing Tutor

  • BA student in Liberal Studies, Teacher Preparation
  • Course-embedded tutor for Humanities 100W with Professor Judith Georges
  • Goals: Have a family, never stop learning, excel at teaching, and earn a PhD in teacher education to (hopefully) better prepare and improve the quality of future teachers
  • Special Interests: Singing, baking gourmet cookies, reading anything, getting messy with arts and crafts, and watching psychology and mythology lectures on YouTube


Richard Struck

Richard Struck, Graduate Assistant 

  • MA Student in Linguistics
  • Goals: Eventually earn a PhD, teach at a university, reconstruct my family tree from fragmented records and travel, learn every major Asian language
  • Special Interests: Looking at the sky lying down on some grass, listening to music, playing video games, martial arts, watching anime and reading manga, enjoying life as it comes

Daniel Tafoya

Daniel Tafoya, Writing Tutor

  • BA student in English with a Concentration in Professional and Technical Writing
  • Goals: Write and sell a screenplay, publish a book, move to Washington (preferably Seattle), own a food truck specializing in GF treats, and have a pet pig
  • Special Interests: Watching and critiquing films from all genres, drinking coffee, hiking and camping, and eating GF baked goods


Ajoy Thamattoor

Ajoy Thamattoor, Writing Tutor

  • MA student in Sociology
  • Associate degrees in Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology
  • Goals: Live to be 120, stay out of politics, build a new world, and die in my sleep
  • Special Interests: Rollerblading, attending to the stock market, watching Westerns, and diving into deism


Marcos Verbera

Marcos Verbera, Writing Tutor

  • BA Student in Social Science, Multiple Subject Teacher Preparation
  • Goals: Create a genealogy, learn Vietnamese, and become an excellent elementary school teacher who can make an impression on students' lives
  • Special Interests: Reading historical non-fiction, playing video games, watching live theatre, and viewing religious art


Michelle White

Michelle White, Writing Tutor

  • BS student in Environmental Studies
  • Course-embedded tutor for Environmental Studies 100W with Professor Shannon Bane
  • Goals: To aid my peers and community in making the transition to a smarter, more sustainable, and more equitable society
  • Special Interests: Taking months off to travel the world, taking way too many pictures of my chocolate lab, and escaping frequently to landscapes unaltered by man