Student Assistants

Aya Abdelhadi

Aya Abdelhadi, Social Media Coordinator

  • BS student in Management Information Systems 

  • Goals: Eventually earn a Master's degree in Business, learn to speak Spanish fluently, and never stop learning

  • Special Interests: Reading, watching movies, and trying different restaurants and cafes


Jimmy Castaneda

Jimmy Castaneda, Student Assistant

  • BS in Aviation Operations, minor in Aerospace Studies
  • Goals: Become a pilot for the United States Air Force
  • Special Interests: Playing Basketball, playing guitar, listening to music, going to the gym, working and being involved with intramural sports



Alejandra Galindo

Alejandra Galindo, Social Media Coordinator

  • BS student in Management Information Systems

  • Goals: Earn a Master's degree in Business, travel all over the world, and buy a Tesla

  • Special Interests: Going to concerts, hanging out with friends, and going on hikes



Cassandra Nguyen

Uyen (Cassandra) Nguyen, Student Assistant

  • BFA student in Animation/Illustration
  • Goals: Earn a TESOL certificate and MA in TESOL if possible, travel to teach English, and draw as much as I can to always be creative 
  • Special Interests: Crafting, cooking for/with friends and family, and self-teaching new languages 



Shubham Patel

Shubham Patel, Student Assistant 

  • BS student in Software Engineering
  • Goals: Study, explore life, establish my own business, and travel to different places
  • Special Interests: Coding, thinking, swimming, playing badminton, and spending time with people

Julee Sarmiento

Julee Sarmiento, Student Assistant 

  • BA student in Communication Studies
  • Goals: Study abroad in Spain (summer 2019), travel to New York and Chicago in the next year, and learn the science and art behind baking bread
  • Special Interests: Reading, watching films, cooking/baking, and hula/tahitian dancing 

Jeshua Sosa

Jeshua Sosa, Student Assistant 

  • BS student in Business Analytics

  • Goals: Earn a Master's degree in Business, become a project manager, and buy a home in the Bay Area 

  • Special Interests: Playing music, watching movies, and spending time with my dog