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"Without taking Writing Center workshops, I would not have had the confidence to pass the WST. The workshops give you the confidence and the extra push." 

--R.J. Torres, student in the McNair Scholars Program

Our writing workshops are one-hour group seminars that focus on specific writing topics. 

After reviewing our workshop topics, register for whichever workshop(s) you'd like to attend through our online scheduling system. When you login, select "Spring 2018 Workshops" from the drop-down menu. 

You have the option to register in advance or simply show up on the workshop date by the scheduled start time. We can accommodate up to 15 students in each workshop. 

All our workshops are intended to help you improve your writing. If you are preparing for the WST, you might find "Essay Prompts and Time Management" particularly useful. 


Spring 2018 Workshop Schedule

When you attend a workshop, you agree to the following rules. 

  • Arrive on time. Late-comers, registered or not, will not be seated. Workshops start promptly at the scheduled time. If you are late, you will not be able to attend the workshop. No exceptions.
  • Come prepared to learn. As in our tutoring sessions, we strive to create a distraction-free environment. Cell phones are prohibited. Please do not bring any guests with you to the workshop (including children).
  • Return to the Writing Center immediately following the workshop and talk to the admin if you need proof that you attended the workshop. Our admin will give you a confirmation slip. These slips will only be given out on the day of the workshop, and only one confirmation slip will be given to each student. 

The Writing Center will cancel any workshop that does not have a minimum of five people enrolled 24 hours before the presentation date.