Our writing workshops are one-hour group seminars that focus on specific writing topics. You can find more information about the workshops within our online scheduling system, or you can visit our workshop topics page. If you are preparing for the WST, you might find "Essay Prompts and Time Management" particularly useful. Refer to the calendar below for information about dates, times, and locations.   

Our fall 2019 workshops begin during the week of September 9, as you'll see in the below calendar. 

Click on the blue button to register for a workshop. When you login, select "Fall 2019 - Workshops." You will then be able to browse through our workshop offerings and register for the workshops that you would like to attend throughout the semester.

Register for a Workshop

Workshop Policies and Procedures 

You have the option to register in advance or show up on the workshop date by the scheduled start time. We can accommodate up to 15 students in each workshop. 

When you attend a workshop, you agree to the following rules. 

  • Arrive on time. Late-comers, registered or not, will not be seated. Workshops start promptly at the scheduled time. If you are late, you will not be able to attend the workshop. No exceptions.
  • Come prepared to learn. As in our tutoring sessions, we strive to create a distraction-free environment. Cell phones are prohibited unless they are explicitly being used as part of the workshop. 
  • Return to the Writing Center immediately following the workshop and talk to the front-desk assistant if you need proof that you attended the workshop. Our admin will provide a stamp for you. These stamps will only be given out immediately following the workshop. 

The Writing Center reserves the right to cancel any workshop that does not have a minimum of five people enrolled 24 hours before the presentation date.