Undeclared Advising 

Academic Advising and Retention Services provides General Education advising for Undeclared students as well as students who are on probation or disqualified. 

Appointment or Drop In?

Have an advising question? Not sure if you need an appointment or drop-in? Check out our Virtual Drop-ins and Appointments page

Joining a Line with Qless

“Joining the Queue” allows you to wait to speak in-person with an Academic Advisor at the SSC. You can choose to be notified by text with updates as your turn approaches.

Undergraduate Advising 

Find information about Undergraduate requirements to help ensure students are making timely progress, SJSU offers a variety of helpful advising resources.


General Education 

Learn about General Education (GE) requirements. Do you know how many GE's you have left to take? Check in with one of our advisors and find out. 

Undeclared Pre-Nursing 

ATTENTION!!! Undeclared Pre-Nursing has moved to the College of Health and Human Sciences (CHHS). For information regarding Undeclared Pre-Nursing, please contact the CHHS Student Success Center for more information.

Advising FAQ 

Find answers to common questions about GE requirements, disqualification, and probation.

Our Team 

Our AARS Advisors are knowledgeable in general education courses and university policies, helping Undeclared students navigate towards a major.  

Advising Hub

The Advising Hub is a useful resource for SJSU undergraduate students to aid in student success. This site can be used to locate all campus advising and counseling services as well as other resources to help you succeed at SJSU.