Academic Planning

1. Which General Education courses do I still have to take?

You can find which General Education courses you have completed at SJSU and which you still have to take at the Degree Progress Report on mySJSU.

2. Where can I get a four-semester plan?

You can get a four-semester plan by scheduling an appointment with a Major Advisor in your department. A General Education Advisor will assist you in completing your plans with appropriate GE selections.

3. How do I change my major/minor?

Go to the major/minor department that you want to change your major/minor to and make an appointment with that department. You can get a Change of Major form by downloading the interactive form from the Office of the Registrar's Form webpage.

4. How many classes can I take each semester?

Full time freshmen are advised to take between 12-15 units their first semester. You may enroll in up to 18 units during your enrollment period. However, overloading yourself with classes is not an acceptable condition for a late drop.

5. Do I have to take PE in order to complete graduation requirements?

Yes, you must complete two different Kinesiology courses unless you qualify to have the requirement waived. Visit the Kinesiology Department for all applicable waivers.

6. How do I file for graduation?

You can download the Graduation Application from the Office of the Registrar's Form webpage. Please follow the directions carefully.

7.Can I take a course from my technology major (MIS, CMPE, CS, IT) and use it in another technology major?

Consult your new major advisor for approval or double check the major worksheet provided by your department.