General Education

1. What classes do I need to take?

Consult the

 or an advisor in Academic Advising & Retention Services. A list of required General Education courses can be found in the schedule of classes.

2. How can I get a list of GE courses?

A list of required General Education courses can be found in the schedule of classes.

3. How can I get a Degree Progress Report to see which GE classes I have already completed?

Check your mySJSU account for a Degree Progress Report. See the IT Help Desk's webpage for information on how to access this report. If your transfer credit does not show up, make an appointment for an unofficial GE checklist at Academic Advising & Retention Services or wait for the Evaluation Department to send you an official one (which can take two semesters or longer).

4. Do I have to take the Writing Skills Test?

Yes, only in rare cases has the WST been waived.

5. What will happen to me if I don't pass the WST?

You will not be able to take the SJSU Studies courses. If you fail the WST once, you must take English 100A or LLD 100A. Failure to pass the WST will delay your graduation. Workshops on the WST can be found at the Peer Connections webpage. You can only take your required 100W course after you pass the WST, and many majors require you to successfully complete your 100W requirement before taking any major upper division coursework.

6. When should I take the WST?

You should take the WST immediately after successfully completing English 1B.

7. What are SJSU Studies courses?

SJSU Studies courses are additional GE classes you have to take after you pass the Writing Skills Test (WST). Students must have sixty units in order to take Advanced GE courses. Please check with your major department regarding the Area Z course that is appropriate for you.

8. How do I know if my classes are transferable from a community college?

Consult the articulation website or speak with a General Education and/or Major advisor.

9. If I have passed the WST and English 1B can I take SJSU Studies courses even if I'm not a junior?

Registration for SJSU Studies courses is blocked for students who have completed less than 60 units. Students who have met ALL other published requirements for 100W/SJSU Studies may petition for the ability to register as upper division students on the first day of classes at the office of Office of Undergraduate Education.

10. I took History 15AB and it counted for the GE categories D2, D3, and F1,2,3 that satisfy graduation requirements. My English 1B class at a community college counted in the Critical Thinking area. Can I use it for A3 and C3?

No, Units can only be counted in one GE area.

11. I have a lot of trouble in Math and English. Should I take these classes at the community college over the summer?

Email for more information. 

12. Is a C- considered passing?

Yes, however, if the course is a prerequisite or a major course you need to consult a major advisor for approval. Also, General Education courses in areas A1, A2, A3 and B4 must be completed with a C- grade or higher.

13. Can I take courses from my major and apply them to GE categories even though the courses are not on the GE list?

No, you can only take GE courses listed in current schedule of classes.