Late Drop / Withdrawal

Guidelines & Instructions - Drop Petitions

We strongly recommend that you work with an academic advisor for assistance in completing the petition. Complete petitions are typically approved or denied within 7 business days from submission to our office. You will be notified of the decision via a MySJSU message. You should continue to attend/submit work until you receive a MySJSU message saying that your petition has been approved.

Graduate students should use the petition found on the GAPE website

Undergraduate Change of Major

Use these forms to change or declare a major or minor. To change your major to undeclared, fill out the form and meet with an AARS advisor and obtain the required signatures. 

Change of Major (Fewer than 90 units earned) [pdf]

Change of Major (90 or more units earned) [pdf]

Other Forms/Petitions

Healthcare Provider Verification of Medical Condition [pdf] - Use this form with any petition based on a medical condition (drop, withdrawal, leave of absence, etc.) to provide documentation of medical issue for self or family member.

Undergraduate Reinstatement Petition [PDF] [pdf]
Use this petition if you have been academically disqualified at SJSU and wish to become eligible for readmission.