Guidelines & Instructions  -  Drop Petitions

We strongly recommend that you work with an academic advisor for assistance in completing the petition. Complete petitions are typically approved or denied within 7 business days from submission to our office. You will be notified of the decision via a MySJSU message. You should continue to attend/submit work until you receive a MySJSU message saying that your petition has been approved.

Once you have any required signatures, completed DocuSign petitions should be downloaded by the student and sent via email to

  • A petition is a request for an exception.
  • Any class approved for a drop after the drop deadline (8/31/2020) will show a grade of W, which does not affect your GPA.
  • Students needing to add a class before the add period ends (9/8/2020) should submit that petition before the add deadline for quicker response. An excess unit petition may be needed if you are already at maximum units for the term (including the course(s) you wish to drop.).
  • If you are withdrawing from the semester, even if you are enrolled in only one class use the Withdrawal petition. You may be eligible to recieve a prorated refund. 
  • You must complete the petition and make your request before 11/13/2020 if your reason is Serious and Compelling (WA). (The earlier in the term you submit a petition, the better.)
  • In cases of emergency circumstances clearly beyond your control, petitions may be submitted through the last day of instruction (12/7/2020) (WB). Examples include: illness or death of a family member, being fired from a job, natural disaster (including COVID-19 and wildfires-We will use your address relative to the wildfire issue.)
  • If the petition is for a past semester, be sure to indicate the term you took the class. 
    Past semester approvals require demonstration that poor performance was atypical. Generally, this is demonstrated by (1) prior academic work at SJSU (24 or more units all “C or better” with GPA 2.5 or better), or (2) subsequent academic work at SJSU (12 or more units all “C or better” with GPA 2.5 or better). Retroactive petitions of Type WA drops that could have been submitted before the deadline during the semester will be denied.
  • Documentation must support a serious and compelling reason. Examples are: serious medical conditions, emergency travel due to family situation, death of a close family member during the semester the class is taken, documentable mental health condition, and natural disasters (including wildfires). Use the Healthcare Provider form to document medical situations except for COVID-19. 
  • Serious and compelling reasons do not include: poor academic performance, change of major, lack of prerequisites, or non-attendance.
  • Please indicate the primary reason for the exception on your form
  • Documentation must be submitted in order for your petition to be reviewed. Petitions without documentation will be denied.
  • Documentation must show proof of why you were unable to complete the course and must match the dates of the term in which you enrolled for the course.
  • Examples of acceptable documentation include: Healthcare provider form, death certificate/obituary in which family relationship is clear, insurance claim or police report regarding car accident, a notice of dismissal from employment or required change in work schedule (on letterhead).
  • Examples of documentation not acceptable include: a statement from a family member/friend or your own statement with no other documents.
  • The instructor’s signature is required to indicate that the instructor has been informed of your intention to drop the class. It does not constitute approval.

For more detailed information, see SJSU Academic Senate policy S09-7

NOTE: F-1 Visa students must obtain a signature from ISSS (Student Union, CPGE office) before submitting the petition. Open University students must obtain a signature from CPGE.


If you would like to consult with an AARS advisor, please email

Incomplete petitions WILL be denied.

Once you have any required signatures, completed DocuSign petitions should be downloaded by the student and sent via email to


Fall 2020  Undergraduate Petition for Late Course Drop (DocuSign)

Undergraduate students can use the DocuSign option for the course drop petition.DocuSign gives students the option to obtain their instructor's signature electronically when petitioning to drop one course during the current or previous semesters. Please use a separate petition for each course you wish to drop.


Fall 2020 Undergraduate Petition for Withdrawal (from ALL courses) Fillable[PDF]

Undergraduates use this petition to drop ALL of your courses during the current or previous semesters. Please use a separate petition for each semester of courses you wish to drop. If you are enrolled in only one class, you must use this petition to drop it.

Graduate students should use the petition found on the GAPE website.


Undergraduate Change of Major

Change of Major (Fewer than 90 units earned

Change of Major (90 or more units earned

Use these forms to change or declare a major or minor. To change your major to undeclared, fill out the form and bring it to AARS to meet with an advisor and obtain the required signatures. 


Other Forms/Petitions

Healthcare Provider Verification of Medical Condition - Use this form with any petition based on a medical condition (drop, withdrawal, leave of absence, etc.) to provide documentation of medical issue for self or family member.

Undergraduate Reinstatement Petition [PDF]
Use this petition if you have been academically disqualified at SJSU and wish to become eligible for readmission.