Undeclared Pre-Nursing

 UPN Advising staff

Welcome to Undeclared Pre-Nursing!

Undeclared Pre-Nursing (UPN) is a track (not a major/degree) for students preparing to apply to SJSU's Nursing program. UPN students are considered “Undeclared” and are not part of the “Nursing” Department. You DO NOT need to be in UPN to apply to nursing, but there are many advantages if you do!

Program Benefits:

  • Personalized academic planning with a UPN advisor to develop a multi-semester educational plan
  • Understanding academic policy and getting the latest update to Nursing policies
  • Identifying alternate majors, and exploring various pathways and careers towards nursing or other health careers


  • Complete mandatory advising requirements every semester, which may consist of workshops, worksheets, appointments, etc.
  • Apply to Nursing as soon as they are eligible and by the time they have earned 60 units.
  • Develop a thorough back-up and alternative plan.

Applying to UPN 

Please note: This application is for current matriculated SJSU students only. If you are in high school or community college, please contact SJSU Admissions to learn how to apply to UPN.

  1. Please watch our informational UPN video: Read all of FAQ [pdf].
  2. Complete 3 out of the Big 5 courses (Engl 1A, Stat 95, Biol 65, Biol 66, or Micr 20) with an average of 3.2 GPA or higher.
  3. After completing course requirements, fill out the UPN application.

You will be contacted via email with a decision regarding your application within 1-2 weeks.