Event Scheduling (Academic)

University Lecture Room Requests

University Lecture Rooms also called lecture classrooms are shared facilities that are used year-round both for classes and for other activities and events. In order to optimize the utilization of the university's lecture room inventory, and to the benefit of all departments throughout the campus, it is required that all activities/events that wish to be held in lecture classrooms be requested through the Office of Academic Scheduling. There are 159 University Lecture Rooms [PDF] controlled by the Office of Academic Scheduling. These rooms vary in size, furniture, technology and are located in various buildings throughout the campus. These are the only rooms that may be requested through the Office of Academic Scheduling. All other non-university lecture space should be requested through the responsible department, college or office accordingly.

All single/multiple day activities will only be scheduled if rooms are available after all classes have been scheduled for each term. Assignments are subject to change based on the needs of academic classes.  All events need to be scheduled in compliance with Event Hours in University Lecture Rooms

Faculty should submit their request through their department/college office scheduler/representative.

Student groups are required to submit their requests through the Student Union Event Services OfficeExternal Link indicator.