University Lecture Rooms

Room Information

University Lecture Rooms also called lecture classrooms are shared facilities that are used year-round both for classes and for other activities and events. There are 159 University Lecture Rooms [PDF] controlled by the Office of Academic Scheduling. These rooms vary in size, furniture, technology and are located in various buildings throughout the campus. These are the only rooms that may be requested through the Office of Academic Scheduling.

Technical support information, including room standards and equipment is available on the Information Technology website at

Photos of the lecture classrooms can be found on the eCampus website at


Furniture types with brief descriptions:

  • Tablet Arm Chairs: Individualized seating/chairs with attached writing surface.
  • Node Chairs: Wheeled tablet arm chairs. Moveable/flexible for small group settings.
  • Tables and Chairs: Moveable tables and chairs for various seating arrangements including large and small group settings.
  • Fixed Seating: Non-moveable seats must be used in existing “fixed” position. May be auditorium seating or seating attached to fixed tables.
  • Fixed Tables: Tables must be used in existing "fixed" position, seating is moveable.


University Lecture Rooms List [PDF]