Class Meeting Time Report

Meeting Times

The following reports are a guide for college/department to use to track class meeting times compared to requirements.  There are two reports for each college and each term.  One report for classification numbers (CS) 1-6 (lecture or seminar), the other report for classification numbers (CS) 7-21 (activity or laboratory).  Information on the Course Classifications can be found at the Curriculum website.

The reports will show only the classes that are not matching the required catalog minutes, based off the classification number.  The CS#1-6 reports use a 50-minute hour, break time is already built-in.  The CS#7-21 reports use a 60-minute hour, to allow for flexibility in the amount of break time. 

Catalog minutes are the minimum minutes per week required based on the classification number.  The Days/Week column indicates how many days a week the section meets.  Schedule minutes are the actual minutes offered per week in the Schedule of Classes.  The difference is either the schedule minutes over or under from the catalog minutes.  Classes with a TBA meeting pattern offer a second meeting pattern that accounts for the schedule minutes under catalog.  Compressed class will say compressed class when the class does not meet the full 15-weeks. Allowable differential is determined to be an acceptable amount of time for the course to be offered.  If the time is outside of that range, the field will indicate NO and the if there is need for review or adjustments or comments.  The Comments column is the explanation or resolution from the college for those classes scheduled outside the allowable differential.