Patricia Ayala Macías

Patricia Ayala MacíasSr. Student Academic Success Specialist
Frosh Advising Co-Lead

Phone: 408.924.5263
Office: Visit Patricia's Virtual Office

Bio: Patricia went to pursue her Bachelor of Arts in Chicano and Latino Studies with a minor in Spanish and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Sonoma State University. She also obtained her Masters of Arts in Education; Educational Leadership and Administration at California State University, Fresno. During her college journey, Patricia has worked in a variety of educational support programs to help students transition into college. Prior to joining the ACCESS team, Patricia was a Graduate Assistant for Fresno State's Dream Success Center advising undocumented students. Patricia's passion for advising and mentoring stems from her own experience having limited guidance and mentorship in navigating higher education. She especially enjoys helping students find their major and learn about graduate school.

Q and A

  1. What was your favorite class in undergrad?
    My three favorite classes in undergrad were two classes from my Chicanx/Latinx major, Sociology in Education and Cultural Studies classes and for my Business major was Strategic Planning class. My Chicanx/Latinx Studies courses helped me understand myself more and racial/ethnic relations in the media and education system. It is where the subject affirmed what I wanted to pursue as a career. My Business class helped me develop the practical skills in strategic planning and consulting I still use today for work.

  2. What is something interesting on your bucket list?
    Travel to different countries and try/learn about different pastries and bread. I love baked goods.

  3. What is your piece of advice for incoming students?
    Focus on your own journey and be flexible with your expectations. Your learning doesn’t always take place in the classroom.

  4. What was a challenging moment in college?
    I had to be okay with knowing my parents would not approve everything I wanted to do. I realized I am the expert in my own life and did not have to have everything figured out. The degrees I was pursuing were for myself. I spent a couple of semesters learning more about how to make my passions into a career. They have come around now that they have seen I am happy with my career/educational choices.