ACCESS GE Advisors offers advising and consultation on the following topics:

  • General Education advising
  • Probation advising
  • Transfer credit
  • University policies: grade forgiveness, leave of absence, late drop/withdrawal, former students returning, reinstatement/readmission
  • Online tools: degree audit and what-if reports, unofficial transcripts, helpful websites and resources, Career Center resources
  • Freshmen and Sophomores will recieve most of their advising from ACCESS.

How to schedule an advising appointment

  1. Go to
  2. Input your SJSU ID and password

  3. From your student home page, select the blue "Get Assistance" button on the right sidebar.
  4. Select "Advising" & "Advising - College of Social Sciences" for your appointment.
  5. Selectthe reason for your appointment under "service".
  6. Choose ACCESS Success Center as your location for the appointment. 
  7. Choose a specific advisor (optional), or leave blank for any advisor.
  8. Choose a date and time from the available options that work for you.
  9. Verify the who, what, when, where, why, add comments (optional), then confirm the appointment.
  10. Be sure to write down your confirmed date & time!
  11. The appointment is now on your Spartan Connect Calendar (left sidebar, calendar icon)

Please remember to show up for your appointment.
Missing two appointments blocks you from scheduling further appointments.

Please note that appointments must be made at least five (5) hours ahead of time.

Detailed instructions for making appointments on Spartan Connect (PDF)

 Major Advisors

Major Advisors are professors who advise students. The following are their responsibilites:

  • Major course requirement advising
  • Major course planning
  • Graduation review and approval
  • Petition signing (May also need Associate Dean's Signature)
  • Juniors and Seniors will recieve most of their advising from Faculty Advisors

Find your major advising information here