Frosh Advising

Mandatory First-Year Advising

All first-year College of Social Science (CoSS) students must meet an ACCESS Advisor during their first semester.

The purpose of mandatory advising for first-year students is to establish a partnership between ACCESS and CoSS students where they can not only find a place to receive academic advising and guidance, but find a source of continued support throughout their time here at San Jose State University.  ACCESS advisors are knowledgeable, approachable, and caring advisors who aim to make first-year students’ transition to college as smooth as possible. Ultimately, we want first-year students to feel welcomed and supported.

As a result of Frosh Mandatory First Year Advising, students will learn:

  • Different approaches to academic planning
  • How to access available resources
  • How to access and utilize academic tools (MyGPA apps such as: MyPlanner, MyRoadmap, MyProgress)
  • Understand student & advisor responsibilities
  • Distinguishing between ACCESS advisors & major advisors

First-year students will be contacted via a campaign through Spartan Connect. Messaging has been sent via the student’s preferred SJSU email on September 8th, 2020.

More Advising Protocol Information:

  • Appointments will be 30 minutes 
  • If students are more than 10 minutes late, it counts as a “missed appointment”
  • Individual first-year mandatory advising appointments will be offered September 8th through December 21st
  • Advising holds will be lifted as soon as first-year students meet with an ACCESS advisor.

To learn more about advising and how to prepare for your meeting, you can view our ACCESS Advising Syllabus