Frosh Presentation Slides for Day One & Two

Sparta Camp is the mandatory two-day virtual orientation experience that all incoming frosh students are required to attend, which includes being present for the entire duration of the program. This video overviews the information discussed on day two. 

The SJSU How to Register- Course Search video shows students step by step instructions on how to search for courses when enrolling to register.



Spartan Experience for Transfers (SET) is the mandatory one-day virtual orientation experience that all incoming transfer students are required to attend, which includes being present for the entire duration of the program. This video overviews the information discussed on orientation day.

The SJSU How to Register - Registration video will show students step by step instructions on how to proceed and finalize the enrollment process once you have selected all your proposed courses.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: What does my four-year plan look like?

A: You can find a sample four-year roadmap for your major. While you should use the roadmap to guide your course selections, there is room for flexibility, so do not be too concerned if your schedule does not match the roadmap exactly. Please keep in mind that your Written Communication I (Area A2) and Math (Area B4) should be completed by the end of your first year.

Q: What do the “GE Areas” mean?

A: Refer to SJSU’s Core General Education list, which displays the subject of each area, and all the classes associated with it.

Q: What if I am block scheduled (pre-enrolled) into a course in which I have already earned test credit or community college credit?

A: Upon proof of test credit or community college credit during orientation, an advisor will give you the ability to remove the course from your schedule, and can assist you in enrolling in a different class. If you are still waiting for test scores, please inform your advisor during your one-on-one session.

Q: What GE Areas do Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) scores cover?

A: Please refer to the AP Exam and IB Exam scores, and the areas which they cover.

Q: How is the course registration structured?

A: Course registration will take place on Day 2 of Sparta Camp. You will initially be placed in a Breakout Room with your Orientation Leader (OL), and when your Advisor becomes available, you will be placed in another Breakout Room to have your one-on-one Advising session. Due to the high volume of students during your session, your time with an Advisor will be limited to 10 minutes.

Q: What if I want to change my major?

A: You will still attend course registration for your current major, but will have the opportunity to speak with an advisor about your intent to change your major. Please note that change of majors do not take place during orientation. In addition, changing your major is not guaranteed, as it is based on department impaction rates and the ability to meet change of major criteria. The following are steps you will have to take to change your major:

1. Visit our catalog website to learn more about your intended major. Pay special attention to see if there are any preparation courses for the major that you can begin taking your first semester at SJSU
2. Meet with an academic advisor at the Success Center of your intended major to discuss impaction and to review what it takes to change your major. You can visit this website where you’ll find all of our success centers at SJSU. Each major is part of a College and you will be able to find your intended major and what College it falls under. If you wish to declare a major within our College of Social Sciences, feel free to discuss this further with an ACCESS Advisor.
3. Complete the necessary criteria needed to change your major as discussed with an advisor.