How We Can Help

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How We Can Help

If you are a student with a disability, or want to know how you can help make the campus more accessible to everyone, we've got you covered. This page features key tips, materials and guidelines that outline everyone's responsibilities in making SJSU a more inclusive campus.

Accessibility Tips

Looking for the big and small ways you can impact the SJSU community and make it more accessible for everyone? From when to purchase textbooks, to posting instructional materials online, we have easy-to-follow tips that will help make SJSU more inclusive for everyone.

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Accessible Instructional Materials

Every student deserves access to the world-class education at SJSU. That's why it's incredibly important for faculty to make use of all of our instructional materials that are designed to be accessible for everyone. In addition to those resources, we also host events on inclusive teaching for faculty members.

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Purchasing Accessibility Requirements

If you're a vendor who wants to do business with SJSU, it is crucial that your product conforms to any and all applicable accessibility standards. See what accessibility standards mean for you as a vendor, and what our responsibilities are as a University.

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Web Accessibility

When people think of accessibility requirements, they don't always think about digital accessibility. But nothing could be more crucial to creating a inclusive learning environment than having our materials easily accessible on the web. That means following specific guidelines on hyperlinks, images, structure and more.

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Contact Us

Got a pressing question? Can't find the resources or information you're looking for? We can help answer your questions or connect you to someone who can. Don't hesitate to reach out by sending an email to . If there is a concern please use this form to report any accessibility barriers related to campus facilities, buildings, and grounds; course materials and learning conditions; and web and IT applications and services.

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