Instructional Materials

As faculty at SJSU, it is our responsibility - and our privilege - to serve one of the most diverse student populations in the United States.  That diversity takes many forms, including many aspects of students' backgrounds and learning needs. It is, therefore, vital that we take care to ensure that the instructional materials we develop and use are well suited to our students. The campus provides a number of resources, to assist faculty in this endeavor.

  • The ATI Instructional Materials team's role is to raise awareness and plan campus wide strategies in providing resources, tools, training and expertise to faculty and staff to ensure that all documents and media are accessible.
  • The staff at the Center for Faculty Development offers workshops, individual consultations and on-line resources to assist faculty as they develop course materials appropriate to the students they serve, guided by the principles of Universal Design for Learning.
  • The staff at the Accessible Education Center work with students and employees individually, to identify and secure the most appropriate accommodations.

The Center for Faculty Development staff will gladly assist you as you verify the accessibility of your course materials or make changes, as needed.

To begin, please review the guidelines for Universal Design for Learning, then reach out to