Webmasters and Web Content Editors

Webmasters and Web Content

Webmasters, content creators and editors all play a major role in making a website digitally accessible. Help us keep make our world-class education and tools accessible to everyone by following our Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, learning about POUR, following our templates and understanding Web Accessibility.

Constructing a POUR Website

POUR stands for the principles of an accessible website: Perceivable, Operable, Understandable and Robust. It's about understanding obstacles people may face when attempting to access websites, and how web developers and content creators can overcome them.

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Making A Custom Website

Our OU Campus templates have been purposefully created to be accessible to anyone. If you're customizing your site, please reach out to us.

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Creating Accessible Content

Webmasters may play a large role in creating an accessible website, but content creators are equally responsible. Their role is to create an informative, persuasive and positive experience for all users. Without their help, even the most accessible website components can be negatively impacted.

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Understanding Web Accessibility

People with disabilities can be severely impacted by websites that are not accessible to them. It's our collective responsibility to ensure that they can access our world-class education and tools online. Learn what you can to to incorporate accessibility best practices, and improve your site's experience for everyone.

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