Accreditation Review Committee Members

Member Name Office/Unit/Position Represented
Alison McKee Chair of the Senate (or designee)** incoming
Brendan Quock Associated Students
Charlie Faas Member of President's Cabinet
Chao Vang Interim Associate Director, Institutional Research (or designee) ** 
Cheyla Samuelson  Faculty-at-Large
Faranak Memarzadeh Faculty-at-Large
Junelyn Peeples WSCUC Accreditation Liaison Officer **
Marc d'Alarcao Provost (or designee)**
Mary Wilson Chair, Program Planning Committee **
Michael Kaufman Dean
Mohamed Abousalem Member of President's Cabinet
Pamela Richardson Faculty member serving as Chair of the Committee **
Priya Raman Faculty Director of Assessment
Ravisha Mathur Chair of the Senate (or designee)** outgoing 
Ruby Ramirez Faculty-at-Large
Sarah Schraeder Staff Member from Academic Affairs
Sharon Willey Staff Member from Student Affairs
Stacy Porter Member-at-Large—Off Campus Community
(appointed by the President
Stefan Frazier Department Chair
Sumita Raghuram Faculty-at-Large
Thalia Anagnos Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education **
Virginia Tucker Faculty-at-Large

** Member of the Steering Committee