Student taking notesThere are five student clubs in the Department of Accounting and Finance that engage in numerous activities including social activities and panel discussions on career paths and current topics. Depending on interest and concentration (or specialization) a student may join a club related to a specific field. Beta Alpha Psi is an accounting honor society for students specializing in Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, or Corporate Accounting & Finance. The Banking and Financial Services Club (BFSC) and Financial Management Association (FMA) are open to all students, especially those who are interested in all fields of finance. The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) is suitable for students in Accounting, Corporate Accounting & Finance or Finance. The Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) is appropriate for students in Accounting Information Systems (AIS). Both IMA and ISACA are affiliated with professional organizations in their respective fields allowing students to network with professionals while in college and throughout their careers. Please visit Student Association page for more details.

Accounting is a recognized profession concerned with the measurement, analysis, interpretation and communication of economic data. Graduates may enjoy careers in public accounting, corporate financial management, or not-for-profit corporations as certified public accountants or managerial accountants in both the private and public sectors of the economy. Some would argue that this is the degree that allows you to do just about anything you want in the business world.

Accounting Information Systems (AIS) bridges the gap between two disciplines critical to business operations.  This course of study teaches students to design and deploy information technology to improve the accounting systems of an organization.  Graduates could serve as a liaison between accounting and financial system users and information systems technical staff in the corporate or accounting consulting firm arenas. 

Finance is an important and dynamic field of study that is concerned with the management of money and capital - how to get it and how to invest it effectively!  Courses in corporate finance, investments, and financial institutions are designed to prepare students for financial analysis and planning as essential functions of a business enterprise.  Potential careers could include positions as financial officers responsible for investment and financing decisions to corporations, banks, and not-for-profits.

Corporate Accounting & Finance (CAF) is an innovative concentration designed for students who are attracted to career opportunities in corporate financial management.  Two highly valued disciplines are integrated into this degree -Accounting and Finance.  This dual degree significantly enhances its graduates for positions in corporate finance groups and management teams.  

Masters Programs

The Masters of Science in Accounting (MSA) degree is a unique one-year graduate cohort experience for students who have an undergraduate degree in areas other than accounting. Accounting, as a vital element in our expanding business world, ensures that the expertise of professional accountants will continue to be in high demand.  The MSA program prepares you for a diverse career in accounting, finance, corporate management, and public or financial management . Careers could include CPA, Managing Partner, Certified Management Accountant, Personal Financial Planner, Tax Accountant, Controller or CFO.  It's the one degree that will allow you to do anything you want in the business world.

The Master of Science in Taxation (MST) graduate degree is designed to provide individuals with the conceptual understanding and sound technical knowledge to compete successfully in the ever-changing tax world. It is appropriate for accounting majors looking to complete the 150 hours necessary to become a CPA as well as for individuals already employed in public accounting, corporate tax departments, law practices, or government service.

MST after one’s name is a high distinction in the tax world. It indicates the person is well versed in the area of taxation, skilled at tax research, and able to deal intelligently with the complexity of today’s tax rules.