SJSU's Response To Downtown BART Station

​From President Papazian's March blog​

BART Phase II: Major decisions ahead for downtown SJ

SJSU's California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Response Letter​

Housing and transportation issues are inextricably linked; the high cost of living in this area obliges many of our employees and students to commute to campus from long distances. It is for this reason—as well as our commitment to issues of sustainability and the environment—that the extension of BART into downtown San Jose is a critically important issue for all of us.

BART has served the Bay Area since 1972; when its so-called Phase II expansion into our downtown core is finally completed, the cities of San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco will for the first time be accessible via a single transit system. This will be an enormous potential benefit to the SJSU students, faculty and staff members living along BART’s route system, as well as the countless visitors who come to campus throughout the year. 

For this reason as well as others, the location of the downtown San Jose station and related plans for the corridors along which pedestrians will travel throughout the downtown and to and from our campus are critically important choices that ultimately will be made by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) board at its Sept 7 board meeting.

It is no exaggeration to call these “100 year choices.” And we take seriously our responsibility to ensure that decision-makers consider all of the impacts of station locations and related variables. Earlier this month SJSU submitted comments to VTA as part of the BART project’s environmental review (CEQA) process.

There are two locations under consideration for the downtown station—the West option, near Market and Santa Clara Sts., and the East option, on Santa Clara between 3rd and 6th Sts. I encourage you to review our submission, which articulates our view that the diverse interests of all downtown community members would be better served by the East Station option.  

I will be sure to keep you updated as the approval process continues to unfold.

Charlie Faas
VP Administration & Finance/CFO