IT Services

Prototype Mobile TelePresence Cart

The Prototype Mobile TelePrescence Cart is now available to campus!

What is it and what can it do?

The Mobile TelePresence Cart brings video conferencing functionality to any room on campus. It is a TelePresence (TP) end-point on wheels! Video conferencing enables users to create an environment that allows participants who are not present locally to participate in meetings or in classes virtually. The 70" hi-definition screen provides the experience of being in the same room with the person(s) in another location.

What do I need in the room where I will use it?

All you need is an electrical outlet, an active network port, and the mobile TelePresence unit.

If you are interested in seeing how it works in your environment, please sign up using the IT Services Mobile TelePresence Unit Testing Sign-up sheet.  You can select any day (Monday through Friday) until June 26th between 9:30AM and 3:00PM. Please make your selections by June 15th. Confirmation will be sent via email.

While smaller units will soon be available, please note that the demonstration unit is designed for medium to large classrooms & meeting spaces. Make sure that the unit will fit in the elevator of your building if you plan to use this on higher floors. The demonstration unit measures as follows:

Height: 82"
Length: 63"
Depth: 34"

Units for actual use will be ordered after we receive feedback on the demonstration unit. We expect to start deploying the actual units by the start of Fall 2015 semester.

Next Generation Phone System enters the Last Mile

The SJSU Next Generation, Voice over IP, phone system installation, launched 2 years ago, is entering the “last mile” of the project by installing its final phones. The Next Generation Phone system is a digital state of the art Video/Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system that allows users to use a physical phone on their desk or virtual phone on their computer, locally on campus or remotely.  The system also offers a “follow me” service labeled “mobility” on the desk phone to automatically redirect calls to your cell phone when desired.

The Next Generation phone system is fully integrated with the SJSU directory and Call Center services and uses the new SJSU network to connect calls.

Given the project is entering the last mile, IT Services invites customers who currently don’t have a phone to contact IT Services Help Desk.  If you have a FAX line you are still using, please let us know so it can be moved over the new system.  Please send requests to IT Services Help Desk at or 4-1530.

Information Security Updates and Changes

2015 will be a significant year for Information Security at SJSU.  In alignment with CSU policy, IT Services is completing a number of campus-wide initiatives to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of SJSU information systems. 

  • Campus Standards – Campus will finalize 24 new information security standards to set a baseline for all campus IT departments.
  • IBM Endpoint Manager – Campus will make use of IBM Endpoint Manager across all departments for the installation of security patches and updates on university computers.
  • Sophos Antivirus – With great assistance from Allen Madanipour in the College of International and Extended Studies, a new version of Sophos Antivirus is now available for your Windows, Apple, and Linux computer.  This new version is faster and more secure than ever!  The tool is not only free for all University owned computers, but for student, faculty and staff personal computers as well!
  • Password Management – Tired of remembering so many passwords?  Soon your computer will use the same password you use for Canvas, Gmail and other applications!
  • Vulnerability Scanning – IT Services will be offering free vulnerability scanning from Qualysguard for your critical servers, workstations and custom web applications.

Through a combination of efforts from the Information Security Office and CSU Audit Office as of May, 2015 campus has the fieldwork for the 2015 Information Security Audit.  While the audit report is still in draft form, the initiatives above will help alleviate known issues on campus while ensuring the security of University Data.  For more information on Information Security Initiatives please email