Facilities Development & Operations


FlagShip Custodial
Flagship - 
New Custodial Contractor 

Facilities Development & Operations (FD&O) recently selected a new custodial cleaning service, Flagship. They will be responsible for the cleaning of the following buildings on the Main Campus: Administration, Boccardo Business Complex, Central Classroom Building, Dudley Moorhead Hall, Hammer Theatre, Hugh Gillis Hall, Industrial Studies, MacQuarrie Hall, Music Building, Sweeney Hall, Student Wellness Center, North Garage, South Garage and West Garage. They will also be cleaning the following buildings at South Campus: Alan B. Simpkins Administration Building, Simpkins Stadium Center, East Field House and Koret Training Center. Buildings not listed are taken care of SJSU custodial staff. All buildings are now being prepared for students' return in the fall.

Key Pick-Up - Extended Hours 

We will have extended hours for key pick-up the first two weeks of the fall semester. Monday through Thursday, beginning August 22 and ending September 1. Faculty and staff may pick-up keys between 8:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. The location for key pick-up is the FD&O building at 9th Street & San Fernando, 1st floor entrance

State Fire Marshal
State Fire Marshal Inspections

The Office of the State Fire Marshal (Cal Fire) will have a representative on campus one week per month for the next six months to inspect campus buildings. Dates are not given as to when an inspection will be done. At the conclusion of each inspection the university will receive a report of any findings.  FD&O will share the report with the building occupants to ensure we are in compliance with regulatory fire codes.


Chromebooks are now being deployed to our trades staff to increase efficiency and timeliness.  We can direct all service calls, review work orders, order materials, check stock, and track time to each work order.  Moving to the Chromebooks is a new way to receive work without using paper, or stopping to pick up a radio call in a noisy environment. It is a new tool for our tool bag that we are excited to deploy.

REV Logo
REV Sustainability Circle

FD&O has recently completed a REV Sustainability Circle ® Program and is pleased to report that they have already achieved positive business outcomes; from reducing the amount of electricity used in the dorms, to auditing the lighting of the entire campus and upgrading all interior lights to more efficient models. We are now better positioned to reap longer-term benefits from our sustainability initiatives. The sustainability program was developed and is facilitated by REV, a California-based sustainability education and training firm whose motto is "Accelerate Your Sustainability Impact".

A REV Sustainability Circle® is a comprehensive 5-month peer-learning program that empowers businesses, municipalities, and institutions to improve the way they do business by helping embed sustainable practices across an organization. The outcome is an action- and results-driven customized 5-year Sustainability Action Plan that makes the business case for implementing both large and small-scale initiatives in energy efficiency, resource savings, employee engagement, and more.

As part of FD&O's most recent sustainability efforts, we will, by the end of this summer, convert the water that helps produce steam for heating the campus from potable water to recycled water saving our campus about 20 million gallons per year.