University Police Department

New Officers

Officers Galindo and Vehlichko recently graduated from the SJPD Police Academy where they completed 992 hours of training.  The Police Academy prepares each student by providing classroom and hands-on experience, including legal procedure, weapons training, role-play scenarios, patrol procedures, emergency vehicle operations, and arrest and control techniques. The student must pass written, exercise, scenario, and physical abilities tests, to demonstrate readiness for entry into a department's standardized Field Training Program.  The Field Training Program is a 640+ hour training program which provides new officers the opportunity to orient themselves with the local community and to apply the training they received in the academy.  Officers in the Field Training Program work under the supervision of a senior Field Training Officer and are required to demonstrate proficiency before they are allowed to work as solo patrol officers.  

 Galindo                     velichko


Clery Compliance Director

Nicole Morris will be joining us as our new Clery Compliance Director on April 22nd!


Chief of Police Update

The new Chief of Police search is currently in the background check phase.


Parking Services

Parking availability on the campus is limited.  Please plan ahead to ensure that you make to your classes on time:

  • If you must drive, allow yourself plenty of time to find a parking space. To aid with this, download the ParkStash app.
  • Typically, most General Parking spaces on the Main Campus are taken by 9:00 am.  Save time and seek parking at the Park and Ride Lot located on 7thStreet in our South Campus. 

If your schedule allows you can save money and time by utilizing your Valley Transit Authority (VTA) transit pass.  Please visit the Associated Students Transportation Solutions Office located inside the Student Union.


SJSU Partnership with ParkStash


The 30 day trial period with ParkStash was extremely successful and exceeded our expectations in terms:

  • Improving parking experience at SJSU
  • Reducing circling around looking for parking (Average circling around before partnership was about 35 minutes and after partnership is half of that)
  • Reducing traffic congestion at and near SJSU

As a result we are entering a long term partnership with ParkStash to continue offering our SJSU community with an innovative solution to improve the parking experience and reduce traffic congestion at and near SJSU.

The app allows one to see the live occupancy status of SJSU parking garages, using it as a decision making tool for deciding where to park.  Students, staff and faculty can also check important announcements from SJSU parking management in the app.  Parking management uses the app to communicate with drivers and uses it as a logistics tool to reduce traffic congestion around SJSU.

The feedback from app users has been around improving productivity, saving time and creating a stress free environment.  A few of the feedback responses are:

  • "ParkStash has made my life a million times easier." - Sukhmanpreet Kaur, Sophomore, Forensic Science Chem Major at SJSU
  • "ParkStash has been super helpful in saving time." - Jozy Prabhu, SJSU Student
  • "It's going to relieve my major angst when I have to go into college later in the day! GENIUS." - Helen Tillman, SJSU Employee  
  • "I have been using it on the drive in in the morning. I've really enjoyed it, it's been easy." - Ted Hayduk, Professor in Sports Management

This is a way ParkStash wants to give back to the SPARTAN community.  They believe the solution is the ability to locate and optimize the use of empty parking spaces so drivers can get off the road quickly.  The app will help to reduce traffic congestion and ultimately have a positive impact on the environment, improve the local economy and create new jobs.  The ParkStash team believes in providing a delightful user experience and envisions that with ParkStash, nobody would have to circle around, waste their time and fuel looking for a parking space.

ParkStash app is available to download from App Store and Google Play Store.  You can learn more about them on their website.  Here is a link of short How to Video to see the status of SJSU Garages on ParkStash app link. 



Vehicle Restrictions and Campus Safety

San Jose State University takes seriously the well-being and safety of all our students, faculty and staff.  As such, this is a reminder of SJSU’s policy restricting vehicle use on campus including delivery vehicles, service trucks, electric carts, scooters and skateboards. Please note:

  • Personal vehicles driven onto the Seventh Street Plaza for loading and unloading are a hazard and physical obstacle to pedestrians, students and staff trying to utilize the area.
  • Riding electric scooters, electric skateboards or electric bicycles on the main campus sidewalks is not permitted.

SJSU is a designated dismount zone for electric and motorized scooters, electric skateboards and electric bicycles. In accordance with campus and state regulations, electric and motorized scooters, skateboards and bicycles must be left at the established drop off zones located on the campus perimeter prior to entering campus. Seven dedicated parking areas for scooter parking on the perimeter of the campus have been identified for use. Please refer to the SJSU Designated Dismount Zone map. Electronic and motorized scooters, skateboards and bicycles left unattended on campus will be considered abandoned and subject to impound.

Individuals not adhering to this policy may be cited under California Vehicle Code (CVC) 21225, 21235, and other applicable CVC regulations including violation of student conduct.

University policies do not impact electric mobility devices used for ADA purposes.