Our Values

  • Excellence | To maintain the highest levels of professional, intellectual, organizational and operational standards and service at all departmental levels through continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Integrity | To be fair, honest and just in business dealings and in our relationships on campus and beyond.
  • Student success | To be guided in all our endeavors by the university's academic priorities and the objective of student achievement.
  • Collaboration | To recognize and honor the importance of partnerships and teamwork in achieving the university's mission and in developing new ideas and strategies for success.
  • Diversity | To celebrate and respect our differences and to recognize and appreciate how those differences provide insights and perspectives that contribute to attaining our mutual goals.
  • Transparency | To embrace openness and accountability at all levels and in all aspects of the enterprise, from financial transactions to communications to disciplinary actions.
  • Positive, supportive work environment | To achieve and sustain a work environment that is inclusive, rewards individual and team efforts, fosters self-esteem and personal growth, promotes cordiality and instills professionalism.