Declaring a Major

In accordance with guidelines for Presidential Directive PD 2009-05

Students should be in a degree granting major by the time they have earned 60 units.

All declared students who want to change majors or add minors should do so before earning 90 units.

If you are a Transfer student wanting to switch majors you have 2-3 semesters to do so.

You must apply to declare a major by submitting a Change of Major petition

All majors require IMPACTION CRITERIA (courses, GPA, grades, tests, etc).

Student Success Centers

In an effort to aid students in their pathway to declaring a major, we have listed all current Student Success Centers and their respective information regarding declaring a prospective major within a specific college.


College of Health and Human Sciences (CHHS)


Jack Holland Student Success Center (Business)


Lurie College Student Success Center (Education)


Engineering Student Success Center


Humanities & Arts Student Success Center 


College of Science Advising Center (CoSAC)


College of Social Science (ACCESS)


Applying to declare a new major - Changing from Undeclared to Declared in a degree granting major or declaring in a new major

As an Undeclared student, there are important steps you must take in order to successfully apply and declare into a degree granting major at San José State University.

  • Students must meet with the proposed major's Success Center advisor or with a major advisor. (See Declaring a Major page for each Success Center)
  • Obtain information regarding the desired major's change of major criteria.
  • Provide your Undeclared advisor with the following documented information; 

Study plan or written documentation signed by the success center advisor or major advisor that discloses information about the proposed major such as recommended/required classes, required minimum GPA and/or grades along with change of major application deadlines within the major department (if applicable).   

Students currently declared in a degree granting major are expected to work toward a degree in that major. If you wish to declare a new major, please take the following steps:

  • Check out the impaction criteria for the new desired major on the Declaring a Major page for the appropriate College Success Center.
  • Meet with an advisor in the new center or major so that you are aware of impaction criteria (classes and gpa) and any change of major application deadlines.
  • If you will need more than 2 terms to meet the criteria, consider changing to Undeclared so that departments have an accurate picture of the classes they need to offer.


How to change your current major to Undeclared 

If you are currently declared in a major at San José State University and are interested in changing your major to Undeclared review the necessary steps below. 

  • Students who want to attempt to declare "Undeclared" as their new major will be required to meet with an Academic Advising and Retention Services (AARS) Academic Advisor.
  • Present documentation with information about the ultimate desired major along with a plan for proposed courses for the upcoming semester.

* If student is on academic probation, Change of Major may be held until grades for the current semester have posted.



Change of Major: Undeclared Pre-Nursing 

If you are currently a matriculated SJSU student and are interested in changing your major to Undeclared Pre-Nursing with AARS, there are important steps you must take in order to successfully become eligible to apply.

  • Attend a mandatory informational workshop (AARS front desk)
  • Register and successfully complete required courses

Students will be required to complete 3 out of the 5 courses listed below with a 3.2 minimum GPA 

Biology 65
Biology 66
Micro 20
Stat 95
English 1A

*It is highly recommended that students do not take multiple science courses from this list in the same semester. However, remember that you need to plan to apply to Nursing as close to 60 units as possible.


Upon completing the three courses...

Students need to meet with a Undeclared Pre-Nursing Advisor to review and complete the following:

  • UPN Application:  +  Copy of unofficial transcripts

    (See UPN Advisor for application)

  •  Change of Major petition: