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"Eduation is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

-Malcolm X  

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Preparing for my advising appointment

Athletics Student Success Services

College Advising Centers

General Education Advising 

Major Advising 


Preparing for my advising appointment

Do you want to make the most of your meeting with an advisor?

Check the following helpful resources. 

SFS Academic Planner

 (Use SFS planner in conjunction with your specific "MyRoadMap") 


A Major MyRoadMap is your guide to the classes to take each semester to complete your degree in a timely manner! 

Unofficial GE Checklist 

(Use GE Checklist worksheet to keep track of the GE classes you need to take.)

GE Requirements and Courses 

Gives you information about the General Education program at SJSU, as well as which of the currently offered courses meet General Education requirements.


The Articulation website provides information about how credit earned outside SJSU transfers to SJSU. You can find information about transferring in GE requirements, course-to-course transfer, and credit by exam (such as AP or IB). We encourage students to review their own articulation before meeting with advisors so that questions for advisors are more specific. Remember that we must have official transcripts or test scores reported in your file before you can be given credit.

Athletics Student Success Services

Jose Macias

Academic Advisor


Jeanine Haldi

Academic Advisor


Julie Stansberry

Academic Advisor


Sonja Lilienthal

Learning Specialist


Melanie Hein

Learning Specialist



College Advising Centers 

Some colleges have advising centers specifically for students in those particular majors. Links for these advising centers are provided below.

College of Health and Human Sciences


MacQuarrie Hall (MH) 533 

Phone: 408-924-2910

College of Business 

Jack Holland Student Success Center  

BBC 008

Phone: 408-924-3435


College of Education 

Student Success Center 

SH 106

Phone: 408-924-2700


College of Engineering

Engineering Student Success Center

Engineering Building 344

Phone: 408-924-3800


College of Humanities and Arts 

H&A Student Success Center

Clark Hall 244 

Phone: 408-924-5095



College of Science 


Duncan Hall 212

Phone: 408-924-5193



College of Social Science


Clark Hall 240

Phone: 408-924-5363



General Education Advising 

The Academic Advising and Retention Services can help all current students

(Undeclared and Declared) student with GE questions.

Academic Advising & Retention Services

Student Services Center (Departments under the North Parking Garage)

Phone: 408-924-2129


*Resources for Undeclared Students* 

Check out these useful resources from major departments for information pertaining to

Changing or Declaring a Major in one of the following...

Health Science and Recreation

Hospitality Management

Justice Studies


Nutrition, Food Science and Packaging (Impaction/Change of Major or Minor to NUFS & PKG)

School of Nursing (IMPT: BS Info Packet 2016 [pdf])

School of Social Work (BSAW Impaction Information)


Child and Adolescent Development



Major Advising 

Some colleges and departments have websites for their advising, which are listed below. If you do not see your major department listed, please call your major/minor department office to find out how to make an appointment with an advisor.

College of Health and Human Sciences

Aerospace Studies 

Phone: 408-924-2900

Health Science and Recreation

Phone: 408-924-2971

Hospitality Management

Phone: 408-924-3000 

Journalism & Mass Communications 

Phone: 408-924-3240

Justice Studies  

Phone: 408-924-2940


Phone: 408-924-3010 

School of Information

Phone: 408-924-2490

Military Science (Army ROTC)

Phone: 408-554-6840

School of Nursing

Phone: 408-924-3131

Nutrition & Food Science 

Phone: 408-924-3100

Occupational Therapy 

Phone: 408-924-3070

School of Social Work

Phone: 408-924-5800


Lucas College and Graduate School of Business 

Accounting and Finance

Phone: 408-924-3400

School of Information Systems & Technology

Phone: 408-924-7790

Marketing and Decision Sciences

Phone: 408-924-3400

School of Management

Phone: 408-924-3400

School of Global Innovation and Leadership

Phone: 408-924-6880

Lucas Graduate School of Business

Phone: 408-924-3420


Connie L. Lurie College of Education

Child and Adolescent Development

Phone: 408-924-3718

Communicative Disorders and Sciences

Phone: 408-924-3688

Counselor Education

Phone: 408-924-3634

Educational Leadership

Phone: 408-924-3616

Elementary Education

Phone: 408-924-3771

Secondary Education

Phone: 408-924-3771

Special Education

Phone: 408-924-3700


Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering 

Aerospace Engineering

Phone: 408-924-3965

Aviation and Technology

Phone: 408-924-3190

Biomedical, Chemical and Materials Engineering

Phone: 408-924-4000

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Phone: 408-924-3900

Computer Engineering

Phone: 408-924-4150

Electrical Engineering

Phone: 408-924-3950

General Engineering

Phone: 408-924-4048

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Phone: 408-924-3301

Mechanical Engineering

Phone: 408-924-3850


College of Humanities and the Arts

Art and Art History 

Phone: 408-924-4320


Phone: 408-924-4340

English and Comparative Literature

Phone: 408-924-4425


Phone: 408-924-4463

Linguistics and Language Development

Phone: 408-924-4413

Music and Dance

Phone: 408-924-4673


Phone: 408-924-4468

TV, Radio, Film and Theatre

Phone: 408-924-4530

World Languages and Literatures

Phone: 408-924-4602


College of International and Extended Studies 

International Education

Phone: 408-924-2670

Extended Studies

Phone: 408-924-2670


College of Science

Biological Sciences

Phone: 408-924-4900


Phone: 408-924-5000

Computer Science

Phone: 408-924-5060


Phone: 408-924-5050

Mathematics and Statistics

Phone: 408-924-5100

Meteorology and Climate Science

Phone: 408-924-5200 

Moss Landing Marine Labs 

Phone: 408-924-4800

Physics and Astronomy 

Phone: 408-924-5210


College of Social Sciences

African-American Studies

Phone: 408-924-5871


Phone: 408-924-5710

Communication Studies

Phone: 408-924-5360


Phone: 408-924-5400

Environmental Studies

Phone: 408-924-5450

Geography and Global Studies

Phone: 408-924-5475

Global Studies

Phone: 408-924-5485


Phone: 408-924-5500

Mexican American Studies 

Phone: 408-924-5760


Phone: 408-924-5600

Sociology & Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Phone: 408-924-5320

Urban and Regional Planning

Phone: 408-924-5882