Minor in Aerospace Engineering

The purpose of the Minor in Aerospace Engineering is to introduce non-majors to the fundamental aerospace engineering disciplines (aerodynamics, aerospace structures, flight and orbital mechanics, aerospace dynamics, stability and control) through modern aerospace engineering applications (airplanes, UAVs, spacecraft, rockets, space exploration, etc.).  Interested students should meet with an academic advisor about adding the minor as soon as possible, to ensure that course requirements can be met in a timely way.

Courses in Preparation for the Minor (11 units)
Math 30 - Calculus I  (3 units)
Math 31 - Calculus II (4 units; prereq: Math 30)
Phys 50 - General Physics / Mechanics (4 units; prereq Math30)

Required Courses (4 units)
AE 15 – Air & Space Flight: Past, Present, and Future (1 unit; prereq: none)
AE 100 - Fundamentals of Aerospace Engineering (3 units; prereqs: Math30 & Phys50)

Electives (9 units minimum)
Upon completion of the required courses above, students must choose at least three (3) electives from the list below:
AE 110 – Space Systems Engineering (3 units; prereq: AE100 or AE165)
AE 112 – Aerospace Structural Analysis I (4 units; prereqs: Math31 & Phys50)
AE 160 – Aerodynamics I (3 units; prereqs: Math31 & Phys50; E100W waived for minor)
AE 165 – Aerospace Flight Mechanics (3 units; prereqs: Math31 & Phys50)
AE 166 – Rocketry (3 units; prereqs: AE100 or AE165)