Faculty Notetaking Information

Notetaking Accommodations
Notetaking services are provided to students registered with the Accessible Education Center (AEC), whose disability impairment(s) prevent the student from taking notes during course lecture. Notetaking services are provided to begin to eliminate the competitive disadvantage under which the students with disabilities function; however, it is impossible to fully compensate for a disability.

AEC may prescribe one or more of the following as Notetaking accommodations:

  1. Notetaking
    Notetaking is managed through the MyAEC portal and it is anonymous. AEC manages the recruitment of all notetakers. No action is needed on behalf of faculty in recruiting a notetaker. You will receive a message with the selected notetaker’s information. However, please know that at times AEC may enlist your assistance to help secure a notetaker if our recruitment process does not result in finding a volunteer.
  2. Personal Laptop/Mobile Device to Take Notes
    Student will use a personal laptop/mobile device to take their own note during class.
  3. Sonocent Audio Notetaker
    Sococent is an Audio Notetaker which allows for the use of a laptop/Ipad to capture audio, text, and slides in a single note-taking workspace.
  4. Lecture Recording, or Photo Lecture Capture, or Smart Pen (Provided by Student) 

    In accordance with federal and state laws, Presidential Directive 97-03 and Academic Senate Policy AS-1106-79/FA, recording of course lectures is an approved accommodation. 

    1. Recordings of the above-stated course will be used exclusively for the student’s private use and study;

    2. No information contained on the lecture recordings will be shared with any other individual or posted onto any website/social media site.