Faculty Testing Information

Accommodation Notification and the Faculty Test Accommodation FormEmailing Exams/ Uploading ExamsScheduling and Rescheduling of ExamsPop Quizzes

Accommodation Notification and Completing the Faculty Test Accommodation Form

  • Respond to student request to discuss accommodations.
  • Review the MyAEC Faculty Notification Letter - Information will include: student’s identifying information, accommodation(s), additional notifications and information regarding student responsibility and action.
  • Click on the link located in the red box within the Faculty Notification Letter and complete the form. Information must include all quizzes, midterms, exams and final exam information; include dates, times, length of exams and aids allowed. Aids not listed will not be permitted for use during the exam.  This information can only be provided once through this link (MyAEC).  Any changes will require an email to aec-exams@sjsu.edu.
  • You will receive an email from MyAEC when a student requests to test with the Accessilbe Education Center's Testing Center. This email will contain information about the day and time the student requested to test. 
  • If you approve of their date/time all you need to do is send the test to the AEC.
  • If you do not approve of the date/ time you must inform the AEC so the student’s exam can be rescheduled. Note: if the AEC does not receive notice from the faculty that a student may not test on a specific date/time  the AEC will administer the exam as requested by student.
  • Please note due to back-to-back classes students may need to schedule your exam at a different time from the course exam to allow for extended time.

(Testing hours available at on the AEC Testing Hours Website)


Emailing Exams/Uploading Exams

Faculty can email upcoming exams to aec-exams@sjsu.edu. If a Test Accommodation Form has not been completed by the date of the exam, please include: 

  • Standard Exam Time 
    • Do not calculate extended time- AEC will do so
    • Standard time should be the time the classroom recieves for an exam
  • Allowable aides (if applicable)
  • If aides/notes allowed, is student allowed to keep them
  • Method of exam return
  • Faculty Contact Information

Through MyAEC, faculty are able to upload exams directly to their corresponding students and courses. An upload link for exams will be sent through reminder emails professor's recieve. Each upload is specific to the scheduled exam date. 


Scheduling & Rescheduling of Exams

Students using test accommodations through the AEC are responsible for taking their exams at the same time as the professor schedules the class exam. However, there may be times when the extended time, or the AEC Testing Center hours causes a scheduling conflict and a student must take the exam at a different time or on a different day.  Students are responsible to inform their professor when they take an exam at an alternate time for these reasons.

To reschedule an exam:

Contact AEC in person, by phone, memo, or email to request a make-up exam. Provide the AEC with the students information, updated exam, and approved times for rescheduling.

Exams requiring additional accommodations such as: a reader, scribe, private room and/or other individualized prescriptions may be delayed in scheduling until the required accommodation support can be secured. Students should verify date and time with AEC.


Contact the University Testing Office to schedule a make-up exam only requiring extended time and/or a computer.


Pop Quizzes

Pop quizzes will be administered at the AEC Testing Center based on space availability during open AEC Testing Center hours. Due to limited testing hours and space, pop quizzes may be rescheduled to the next available date and time supporting the prescribed accommodation(s).

Other Pop Quiz Accommodation Options for Faculty Consideration:

  1. Faculty may be able to provide the prescribed accommodations and/or enlist the help of his/her department.
  2. For accommodations requiring extended time and/or a computer only, the Testing Office may be able to meet the specific times needed. Please contact the Testing Office directly at 408.924.5980 to make testing arrangements.

Faculty instructions for AEC administered pop quizzes for students with test accommodations:

  1. If you are planning to administer a pop quiz to the class, please email AEC at aec-exams@sjsu.edu, with the quiz, student information, and the approved times the student is allowed complete the quiz.
  2. Faculty can contact the student the day of the pop quiz to let them know they need to go to AEC Testing before class to take the pop quiz. AEC finds it helpful to remind students of their responsibility to uphold academic integrity when taking the quiz first, and that when they are done with the quiz they will need to attend lecture.