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How to Request Accommodations for Returning AEC Students:

Returning students must request accommodations each semester. Although accommodations can be requested at any time during the semester, the Accessible Education Center (AEC) recommends students request accommodations at the beginning of each semester since accommodations are not retroactive. Please complete the steps below to request accommodations:

Step 1:

Log into MyAEC to request the accommodation(s). If assistance is needed please view the AEC YouTube video tutorial on How To Submit An Accommodation Request.

Requested accommodation(s) will be notified to Faculty via MyAEC in a Faculty Notification Letter.

For help with forgotten password visit the IT Service Desk’s Password Help. The IT Service Desk provides assistance with technical needs.

Step 2:

AEC students requesting accommodations should  introduce themselves to their instructor of record to discuss their prescribed accommodations and the administration of course exams. AEC recommends the meeting to be held preferably during faculty office hours or by appointment.

Faculty will electronically complete the AEC Test Accommodation Form through the link provided on the Faculty Notification Letter

Step 3:

After meeting with each professor, students should enter a testing request for each exam to be completed in AEC’s Testing Center. For assistance submitting a Test Accommodation Form view the AEC YouTube video tutorial on How To Submit A Test Accommodation Form.