Notetaking Services

Students in classroom taking notes on laptops and notebooks


Notetaking services are provided to students registered with the Accessible Education Center (AEC), whose disability impairment(s) prevent the student from taking notes during course lecture. Notetaking services are provided to begin to eliminate the competitive disadvantage under which the students with disabilities function; however, it is impossible to fully compensate for a disability. 

Notetaking services are provided for San Jose State University academic curriculum support only. 

Students registered with AEC can view AEC's FAQ for steps on requesting and utilizing Notetaking Services, i.e. requesting Notetaking Services, notetaking confidentiality, instructor involvement in notetaking process.

Students can visit the AEC's E-Agreements to view student responsibility and expectations while utilizing the Notetaking Services. 

Steps for using Notetaking Accommodations Flowchart  [pdf]


Application for Notetakers

Upload Notes- Current Notetakers