Notetaking Services

Students in classroom taking notes on laptops and notebooks

Notetaking Services are provided to students registered with the Accessible Education Center (AEC), whose disability impairment(s) prevent the student from taking notes during course lectures. Notetaking services are designed to reduce disability-related barriers that impact a student's ability to take notes during class. However, students are still responsible for using academic skills and management strategies to learn the material.

AEC's Notetaking Services serve two purposes:

  1. To provide students with access to lecture material, and
  2. To help students develop their own skills and strategies for successful notetaking.

As such, the AEC highly encourages students to try the audio notetaking technologies.  Learning to use software/apps now is a great way to prepare for your future after  SJSU and a great tool for the workplace!


(Audio Notetaking Software)

Personal Recording Device
(Digital recorder, cell phone, smart pens, etc)

Peer Notetaker1


Provided by AEC Yes No Yes
Note Organizer Yes No No
Ability to Upload PowerPoint Yes No No
Split vs Continous Recording


Continous No
Ability to Color Coordinate Audio Yes No No
Transcriptions Yes No Notes from the perspective of a fellow classmate
Turnaround Time Immediate Immediate Up to 48 hours
Compatible with Zoom Yes Depends on recording device Yes
Cloud-based Yes no No


1A Peer Notetaker is a fellow classmate already enrolled in the class who volunteers to provide AEC a copy of their class notes. Peer Notetaking services are anonymous and confidential. The notes provided are: 

  • from the perspective of what the notetaker deemed important for themself

  • not required to followed a specific style of notetaking

  • not edited or reformatted to meet the preference of the student receiving notes

  • not comprehensive

  • uploaded into MyAEC up to 48 hours after the end of class 


Visit AEC's FAQs for detailed instructions on how to on request and use Notetaking Services, (e.g.,confirming Peer Notetaking services each semester, confidentiality, instructor involvement in the notetaking process, etc.)

Students can visit the AEC's E-Agreements to view student responsibility and  expectations while utilizing the Notetaking Services. 

Coming Fall 2022:
Workshops/Training on best note taking practices.


Steps for using Notetaking Accommodations Flowchart  [pdf]

Application for Notetakers

Upload Notes- Current Notetakers